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The Church of Assumption, Leleasca, AfumațiCod 1710

The church of Assumption dates from 1857.  being listed as a historical monument. The main changes brought to the abode aimed the repairs from 1911, 1956 and 2003 involving plastering, painting and painting restoration. Assumption of the Virgin is the feast day in memory of the data Virgin Mary died. It is celebrated by Orthodox […]

„Sfântul Gheorghe“ Church, Grădinari, Runcu MareCod 1709

The church was built in 1577, during the reign of Alexandru Mircea, having as founder Dobromir ban of Craiova, together with his wife Vilaia and their son Mihail the seneschal. The church was restored in 1830 by Dorotei, abbot of Hurezi, and was, radically repaired a century later, between the years 1964-1968. According to the […]

The Wooden Church „Cuvioasa Paraschiva“, IbăneștiCod 1708

The church was built of wood on the bordered estate of Ion Negrescu. In 1833 and then in the years 1877-1879 was repainted, and with this occasion was built the porch, also. The cruciform plan, later adopted, symbolizes the sacrifice of Christ and the christian salvation, entering the church meant having faith. The church was […]

The Church of „ Saint Nicholas”, CungreaCod 1707

The church of Saint Nicholas dates from 1853, being listed as a historical monument. The sanctuary was originally built of wood but rebuilt of wall by Safta and his daughter Elena. Saint Nicholas is celebrated on 6 December. Of Greek origin (Nikolaos), the name consists of two words: nike “victory” (from nikao “to defeat”), and […]

Church of St. John the Baptist, CiureștiCod 1706

The Church of St. John the Baptist dates from 1812 being listed as a historical monument. The sanctuary was founded by Ioan Buzescu. The most important changes made in the structure of the church aimed at restoring the roof in 1921 and the repairs of 1962. John the Baptist was born in the city of […]

Saint Nicholas Church, Colonești, MaldărCod 1705

St. Nicholas Church in Maldăr dates from 1833 being listed as a historical monument. The sanctuary was founded by Stan Popa. The most important changes brought to the structure of the church aimed at restoring the painting in 1906, 1952 and 2006. Saint Nicholas is celebrated on 6 December. Of Greek origin (Nikolaos), the name […]

The „Holy Trinity“ Church, Cârlogani, CepariCod 1704

In center of the Cepari village, as a testimony of past times, but also of the present ones, there is the parish church dedicated to the “Holy Trinity”. It was built by villagers “in 1750 of brick wall.” The church was painted for the first time in 1754 by a famous craftsman in Byzantine art. […]

The „Seaca Mușetești” Monastery, SeacaCod 1703

The monastery Seaca-Muşeteşti is situated in the middle of the Seaca wood, a natural and old reservation of  2.145 hectares, in a clearing of the valley with the same name. It is in a place free from agitation, isolated from the world. In the old days, the monastery Seaca-Muşeteşti was equal the Monasteries Cozia, Cotmeana […]

Brâncoveni Monastery, BrâncoveniCod 1702

In 1570, Lady Celea, grandmother of Prince Matei Basarab, built on the site of the present chapel a wooden church, in which served the monks. The first documentary attestation of it, dates back to 1582-1583, when Mihnea Turcitu strengthens the gifts made earlier. The oldest document of attestation preserved, is the act of donation from […]

The Argeșanu Mansion, Piatra OltCod 1701

Argeşanu mansion was built in the late nineteenth century, being subsequently included in the list of historical monuments of Olt County. Gheorghe Argeşanu (born 28 February 1883 Caracal – died on 26/27 November 1940, Jilava) was a romanian general and statesman. A participant soldier in World War I, General Argeşanu held important command positions in […]