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The „Saint George from the Bottom” Church, TătuleștiCod 1690

The Church of Saint George from the bottom, in Tătulești was built in 1864, being, at the same time, dedicated to St. Nicholas and also being registred in the list of historical monuments. The most important changes brought to the sanctuary involve the period 1972-1974, a period in which the abode was renovated inside and […]

Saint Paraskevi Church, TătuleștiCod 1689

Church of St. Paraskevi in Tătuleşti was built in the late nineteenth century, having the shape of a ship and a wooden belfry in the vicinity of abode. Born in Epivat on the shore of Sea Marmara near Constantinople, the former capital of the Byzantine Empire, Saint Paraskevi has acquired since childhood the faith in […]

The Ensemble of the Church of „Holy Voivodes”, ȘtefăneștiCod 1688

The ensemble of the church of “Holy Voivodes” in Ştefăneşti was built in 1818 and being registered in the list of historical monuments in Olt county. The sanctuary is built by Constantine Buzescu. The most important changes brought to the building were made in 1899 when it was renovated, in 1945 when were brought reinforcements […]

The Wooden Church, ȘtefăneștiCod 1687

The wooden church was built on the current site by the yeomen of the former village of Ştefăneşti between 1765-1771 and is dedicated to “Assumption of the Virgin”. This is one of the most iconic wooden churches from south of the Carpathians. It distinguishes itself in a characteristic ensemble of the area, consisting of wooden […]

‚,Assumption of the Virgin” Church, ȘtefăneștiCod 1686

The Church of “Assumption of the Virgin” in Ştefăneşti – Leleasca was built in 1807, being founded by priests Gheorghe and Badea Păroşanu. The sanctuary was painted in the 1817. The most significant renovation work took place in 1911. Assumption of the Virgin is the feast day in memory of the data Virgin Mary died. […]

„Birth of the Virgin” Church, SprâncenataCod 1685

Birth of the Virgin Church in Sprâncenata was built between 1855 – 1857, being constructed over an older one. The construction is one of brick and was made with the contribution of the village congregation. The most important changes were made in 1929, 1968 and 1977 when it was repaired, and in 2002-2003 was entirely […]

The Statue of Tudor Vladimirescu, SlatinaCod 1684

Tudor Vladimirescu’s statue was inaugurated in 1968 being the work of the sculptor Vasile Blendea. Tudor Vladimirescu (born in 1780, as Vladimir – died on June 7, 1821 in Târgovişte) was an emblematic figure for the history of Romanian Country in the early nineteenth century, being the leader of the 1821 Revolution and of the […]

The Statue of Nicolae Titulescu, SlatinaCod 1683

Titulescu statue was inaugurated in 2012 with the occasion of celebrating the130th anniversary since the birth of the great Romanian diplomat. Nicolae Titulescu (born March 4, 1882 in Craiova – died on March 17, 1941 in Cannes) was a romanian diplomat, lawyer, professor and politician, was,on several occasions Minister of Foreign Affairs, plenipotentiary minister, former […]

The Statue of Eugen Ionesco, SlatinaCod 1682

Eugen Ionesco’s statue is located within the Park of the same name in Slatina, since 2007 made by sculptor Ioan Bolborea. The location of the statue is reported in the vicinity of the house where the playwright was born. Eugen Ionescu (b. November 26, 1909 Slatina – d. March 28, 1994, Paris), known outside Romania […]

The Statue of Ecaterina Teodoroiu, SlatinaCod 1681

The monument in Slatina is the first in the country, raised in memory of Ecaterina Teodoroiu, for its achievement being constituted in 1920, a committee of initiative under the patronage of Queen Mary whose presence at the inauguration in 1925 was considered by the Mayor of Slatina, from that time, I.A. Tomescu “the most important […]