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„Saint Voivodes” Church, SlatinaCod 1660

The Church of Saint Voivodes was built between 2001-2004. Byzantine painting is one being done in fresco by painter Gheorghe Albu. The consecration service was officiated by His Holiness Gerasimos, Bishop of Râmnic on 15 May 2005. In the late eleventh century, in Constantinople breaks out a big dispute over the three saints, celebrated on […]

Church of Saints Constantine and Helena, SlatinaCod 1659

The church of Saints Constantine and Helena was built in 1793, founded by Treti Logofătul, Constantin Răţescu and Nicolae Mumuianu being registred in the list of historic monuments in Olt county. The most important changes made to the abode were focused on the repair and repainting in 1899 and the repairs in1949. The Orthodox Church […]

Church of St. John the Baptist, SlatinaCod 1658

The church “Saint John the Baptist” in Slatina was built in the western part of the city, in the neighborhood Gradiste, in 1796, during the reign of Alexander Ypsilanti, with the blessing of Metropolitan Gregory. It was painted in 1824 and repaired several times in the years 1824, 1876, 1923, 1951. According to the inscription, […]

The „Holy Trinity” Church, SlatinaCod 1657

The “Holy Trinity” Church in Slatina was originally built in 1641 by Ghenea Brătăşanu, but redone in 1784. The most important changes brought to the place of worship were made in 1886 when the church was repaired and in 1851, when it was restored the painting. The church has a structure of the ship. According […]

The Adventist Church, SlatinaCod 1656

There are some testimonials that during the years 1930-1940, there was an organized group of Seventh-day Adventists in Slatina, but without knowing too much data about the Adventist church in that period. The current church in Slatina was formed during 1983-1985having as core a group of about 25 members of the Adventist Church in the […]

The Church of „Birth of the Virgin”, SlatinaCod 1655

The history of the only wooden church in Slatina starts only in 2000 when, through the donation of Ioan Popescu Labă, was obtained the land on which is today the place of worship. In the same year, His Grace Bishop Gerasimos of Râmnic placed the cornerstone, and on November 1st, 2001 proceeded to the establishment […]

The Church of „Assumption of the Virgin”, SlatinaCod 1654

The Church “Assumption of the Virgin” in Slatina was built in 1736, founded by Necula Slătineanu and the lady housekeeper Bălaşa. The sanctuary is included in the list of historical monuments of Olt County. The most important changes brought to the church were made in 1850, when it was repaired, and being restored in 1939 […]

„Assumption of the Virgin” Church, ScorniceștiCod 1653

Assumption of the virgin Church in Scorniceşti was built in 1866. Assumption of the Virgin is the feast day in memory of the data Virgin Mary died. It is celebrated by Orthodox and Catholics each year on August 15th. This celebration is popularly known as Uspenia (Slavic term) or St. Mary. About the Assumption of […]

Nicolae Ceaușescu’s Memorial House, ScorniceștiCod 1652

In the Scorniceşti city is the house where was born on 26 January 1918 Nicolae Ceausescu, who was the cradle of golden era for the a long period. The house where Nicolae Ceauşescu was born was built around 1890 and refurbished in 1979. In addition to original furniture which belonged to Ceausescu, in the house […]

Baptist Church, ScorniceștiCod 1651

The Baptist Church in Scorniceşti is the only place of this orientation in the city. Baptists are Christians who comprise a group of cults and churches following a doctrine that baptism is performed only to the people who had a confession of faith which must be done by immersion. Baptist Confession focuses on believer’s baptism, […]