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„Assumption of the Virgin” Church, LiiceniCod 1630

“Assumption of the Virgin” Church was built around 1590. The sanctuary was repaired in the eighteenth century by Tudor Fărcăşani. The most important changes occurred in the church involve the repair and painting of it, in 1872 as well as its restauration in 1947, after being closed for 55 years. Assumption of the Virgin is […]

The Izvoru Manor House, IzvoruCod 1629

Izvoru manor house, belonged to the teacher Grigore Constantinescu, born in 1870. Grigore Constantinescu died in 1961, his career is marked by the political environment, being Member of the National Liberal Party. National Liberal Party (PNL) is one of the main political parties in Romania, with the leading role in modernizing the country. It was […]

„St. Paraskevi” Church, IzvoruCod 1628

Church of St. Paraskevi in Izvoru dates from 1862, its biggest renovation took place in 1997. Born in Epivat on the shore of Sea Marmara near Constantinople, the former capital of the Byzantine Empire, Saint Paraskevi has acquired, since childhood the faith in Christ. At age 10, while she was in a church, she heard […]

The Church „Holy Trinity”Cod 1627

The parish church dedicated to the “Holy Trinity”, was built in 1872 by Mihail Izvoranu and Vasilica Dumitru. The inscription indicates that the building began on June 15, 1871 and was completed in October 15, 1872 and was conducted by Mihalache Izvorani in memory of his family. Was strengthened plastered and painted during the Most […]

The Curch Saint Parascheva, Iancu JianuCod 1626

The parish church dedicated to “St. Paraschiva” was built in 1529 by Vlad Banu , Dumitru Pârcălabu and Balica Spătaru – early founders of Monastery Calu (Pr. D. Balasa). It was repaired in 1896, 1932, 1941, and 1960. The church was built in a boat-shaped form, with a length of 24 meters and width of […]

The Church Holy Princes, HotăraniCod 1625

The Monasteri from Hotarani monastery was built by the end of the sixteenth century, but on the ruins of a Roman village (vicus), a suburb of the ancient city Romula. Mitrea, founder of the monastery, is one of the prominent political figures from the second half of the sixteenth century, being documentary mentioned between royal […]

The Medieval Tower, HotăraniCod 1624

At Hotarani have been found traces of Thracian tribes north Danubian from the Iron Age more precise the first Iron Age Hallstat the second Iron Age Lâtene in which the Geto-Dacian agriculture reached a high stage of development. Hotarani medieval tower is located near the ruins of the Monastery of Sainted Princes being a historical […]

St. Nicholas Church, GostăvățuCod 1623

St. Nicholas Church in Gostăvățu was built in 1810, entirely of brick. The most important renovations targeted external repairs, in 1968, interior painting restoration in 1994, and restoration of the exterior and repainting the interior, the porch and the belfry in 1997. Saint Nicholas is celebrated on 6 December. Of Greek origin (Nikolaos), the name […]

Saint Nicolas Church, GiuvărăștiCod 1622

The parish church “Saint Nicholas” from Giuvărăşti village is founded by George Giuvara in 1857. As mentioned in the inscription, the building was restored in 1962, at which time the painting was restored. Greek Iamandi Giuvara was cupbearer to the royal court and had the opportunity to collect a lot of gold, and at one […]

The Park „Constantin Brâncuși”, FrunzaruCod 1621

The park in the town of Frunzaru is dedicated to works of great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuşi. Constantin Brâncuşi was born on February 19th, 1876, in Hobiţa, Gorj, died on March 16th, 1957, in Paris. It was a Romanian sculptor with overwhelming contributions to the renewal of the vision and language of arts in contemporary […]