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District Court of Caracal, CaracalCod 1590

By 1896 Court Romanaţi operated inside the Prefecture. Becoming cramped the local authorities took the decision of building the headquarters of justice. The building was constructed in neoclassical style, and to serve as the Palace of Justice. Was augmented by a new construction that was added in 1927 for  the Court of Jurors and for […]

The Manor Hagiescu, CaracalCod 1589

An important name in the judicial area of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, Ion Hagiescu-Mirişte was always drawn to art. From its impressive collection of objects he wanted to set up a museum that bequeath to descendants, in Caracal. Ion Hagiescu-Mirişte studied law in Bucureşti and in Paris, then practicing in the […]

Kids Club, CaracalCod 1588

On September 1, 1954 was founded “House of Pioneers” nearby Iancu Jianu’s memorial house, designed to shape the minds of children, to develop their skills and abilities, talents, to enrich their knowledge. Initially functioned with a number of 10 circles, then in 1970 with 15 circles, with the following profiles: hiking, karts, instrumental music, cineclub, […]

Nicolae Titulescu’s House, CaracalCod 1587

Built between 1890-1893 by a merchant from Caracal, Florea Niculescu, known and appreciated in that epoch, after architect Julius Mariani’s plans, with the support of engineer Ernest Gesner. Through years 1910-1911, Florea Niculescu went bankrupt and the house becomes the property of Urban Credit Bank. In 1912, great Romanian diplomat Nicolae Titulescu became deputy of […]

The Memoial House of Iancu Jianu, CaracalCod 1586

Massive and having a special form of manorial style cula, the house was probably built by the butler Costache Jianu Iancu’s father, in the late eighteenth century, being a building with ground, floor and a basement. The ground floor has the decking below ground level by 20 centimeters and consists of three rooms of modest […]

The Bust of Toma Rușcă, CaracalCod 1585

The cooperative ideas entered in Romania, via the West in the first half of the nineteenth century. In 1845, Costache Bălcescu, economist and politician, elder brother of Nicolae Bălcescu, published the brochure “ Project for a house keeping and borrowing”, the first known attempt to establish in our country a savings and credit. The first […]

„All Saints” Church, CaracalCod 1584

One of the oldest architectural monuments from the Caracal is the Church “Toti Sfintii”. Of modest size but showing interesting architectural elements, the church draws attention and awakens the curiosity of all visitors. In the inscription written in beautiful Cyrillic letters above the door to the porch, it is said that: “were built by himself […]

Church of St. Basil, CaracalCod 1583

St. Basil Church was founded by Costache Greceanu great medelnicer (a boyar with no rank), his wife and patron Constantine the harness maker. The first historical dating of the church is from 1829.The church was rebuilt in 1870. Other repairs were made in 1924 and 1936. Also, following the earthquake in 1977 was made the […]

The Church „Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul”, CaracalCod 1582

As we learn from the inscription in Cyrillic letters above the entrance, the Church Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul was „built from the foundation with the expense and trouble of gentleman master Serban Cojocario, from Craiova, and master Barbu and his wife Maria Cojocaru daughter of Ion Cojocario “  in year 1768  (leat 7276) „…by grace of […]

„Holy Trinity” Church, CaracalCod 1581

The Holy Trinity Church has been known, for a long period of time as the Red Church because it was built of brick and functioned for a long period of time unplastered outside. The church was built in 1647 (7155) by Pan Pascal vel Capitan, having the shape of a vessel, being restored by Varlaam […]