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Cezieni Manor, CezieniCod 1600

Cezieni manor was built in the late eighteenth century belonging to the family Oteteleşanu. Great minds, great patriots and lovers of national culture, noblemen Otetelişeni have influenced, almost without exception, the history of these places since Radu Otetelişanu, great Chamberlain in the royal council of Michael the Brave, until the famous Iordache Otetelişanu, educated, art […]

The Lighthouse, CaracalCod 1599

Lighthouse or fire gazebo, a high tower, circular, with a surveillance platform, was built in 1901on the place of Michael the Brave’s palace near the city Fire Command, which is coordinated by the City Hall.  From there, from the platform, the guard watched the city and gave the alarm when he observed a possible fire. […]

National Theatre, CaracalCod 1598

The edifice of the theatre in Caracal, built between 1896-1901 in eclectic style with neo-baroque and neo-Renaissance accents, impresses by its massiveness and decorative richness. The theater was done by austrian architect Franz Billek, after its plans drawn up in Bucharest in May 1896. As far as we know, this is the only building designed […]

Summer Theatre, CaracalCod 1597

Summer Theatre from Caracal is the place where are carried out some of the events planned within the National Theatre Caracal, with constant activity in the summer season. The edifice of the theater in Caracal, built between1896-1901 in eclectic style with neo-baroque and neo-Renaissance accents, impresses by its massiveness and its decorative richness. The theater […]

Statue of Ceres, CaracalCod 1596

Statue of Ceres is one of the oldest monuments of the city, the work of an unknown artist. Named “Ceres” after Roman goddess of agriculture and grain. The statue depicts a young woman who keeps wild flowers in the foothills dress, and on her head and right hand, wreaths of flowers. On the white marble […]

The City Hall of Caracal Municipality, CaracalCod 1595

Caracal municipality covers an area of 72 km2 in the plain of the same name. If, according to statistics of the year 1845 Caracal had, at that time within its 10 slums 952 families, or approximately 5,000 inhabitants, the 2002 census recorded a total of 36 406 inhabitants, of which 2,000 youngsters were gone to […]

The „Constantin Poroineanu” Park, CaracalCod 1594

This “jewel” of the city is left to posterity by Constantin Poroineanu in his birth certificate being recorded 1908 and has remained for years the most important objective of landscape architecture in the former county of Romanati the current county Olt and one of the most beautiful across the country. Made by french landscape architects […]

Romanați Museum, CaracalCod 1593

The idea of founding a museum in our city appeared in the second half of the nineteenth century, when the Roman remains at Romula became subject of intrest of some outstanding archaeologists outstanding of the time. Alexandru Odobescu in his wok , called “Antiquities of the county Romanaţi” published in 1877, talked about the many […]

Monument of Gratitude, CaracalCod 1592

The Monument of Gratitude from Caracal is dedicated to the heroes who fought in the operations from East and West during the period 1941 – 1945, and to war veterans who were involved in the liberation of the Romanian land. The monument was raised by the Local Council and City Hall of the Municipality of […]

Heroes Monument, CaracalCod 1591

Heroes Monument, the work of sculptor John Schmidt, from Bucharest is finished at the end of 1926 and was inaugurated on the day of the Ascension, July 2, 1927 on Heroes Day. It consists of three statuary bronze, placed on a plinth of stone brought from a quarry in the Apuseni Mountains. The plaque in […]