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„Adormirea Maicii Domnului” Church, CaracalCod 1580

The Church „ Adormirea Maicii Domnului” located in the central area is the most spacious of churches Caracal. Acording to the entrance inscription, was „built from the foundation in 1839, was radicaly restored and consecrated in May 27th (on the Ascension) 1910, in  XLIV year of the glorious reign of M.S. Romanian King Carol I […]

„St. Paraskevi” Church, Câmpu MareCod 1579

Church of St. Paraskevi from the village Câmpu Nou was founded by Aga Alexander Vlangăr. It dates from 1843-1845. The inscription recalls that work on the sanctuary was begun in 1843, during the time of Voivode Gheorghe Bibescu, by Aga Alexander Vlangăr and were finished in 1845 by Vlangăr Sultana, his wife with the help […]

St. Nicholas Church, BrezuicaCod 1578

The Church St. Nicholas from Brezuica was built in 1810 and rebuilt in the period 1863-1869. The abode was built of brick and covered with tin. The painting is in oil in Neo-Byzantine style. The inscription attests that over time there have served priest Dincă Popa (1852-1903), Priest Mihai Rădoi (1906-1906), Priest Vişănescu  Dumitru (1906-1927), […]

„Adormirea Maicii Domnului” Church, BrebeniCod 1577

In Catagrafiei Eparhiei Argeș, in 1824, made by prof. Ion Ionaşcu the village Brebeni in Olt county, had a masonry church dedicated to St. Nicholas, on the estate of boyars in Brebeni, built by master Dimirie Lânaru Slătineanu. This church was pastored by Father Ivan the deacon being Dumitraşco. Most churches belonging to the rural […]

„Assumption of the Virgin” Church, Bărăștii de CepturiCod 1576

The church of ” Assumption of the Virgin” from Bărăștii de Cepturi was built in 1820. From the existing sources, it is emphasized that it belonged to Prince Alexandru Sutu. The church undergone several changes in the nineteenth century. These aimed repairs and restoration works. Between 1911 – 1913, the church was repaired and painted. […]

St. Paraskeva Church, BalșCod 1575

Church of St. Paraskeva in Balş was built between 1805 – 1812 by priests Duhovnicu Tudor and Gheorghe Socol. Born in Epivat on the shore of Sea Marmara near Constantinople, the former capital of the Byzantine Empire, Saint Paraskevi has acquired since childhood the faith in Christ. At age 10, while she was in a church, […]

St. Demetrius Church, BalșCod 1574

St. Demetrius Church from Bals city has been dated first time in 1753. The founders of the church were Ștefan Trapezunda vel Ban of Craiova and Archpriest Radu Căzănescu. The church was restored in 1913 when was added a porch. On the present territory of the Balş city there was a human settlement dated since […]

„Saints Constantine and Helen” Church, BalșCod 1573

Church of Saints Constantine and Helena from Bals city was built in 1998 and consecrated in 2009. On the present territory of the Balș city there was a human settlement dated from the first century AD. Regarding the attestation of Bals locality there have been many variants, some charters found, attest that the town was […]

The Wooden Church, BaldovineștiCod 1571

The wooden church from Baldovineşti, St Nicholas was built around 1739. The church was restored partly around 1860. Also was subsequently repaired in 1890, 1909 and 1960. Saint Nicholas is celebrated on 6 December. Of Greek origin (Nikolaos), the name consists of two words: nike “victory” (from nikao “to defeat”), and laos, “people”and can also […]