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Museum of Archaeology, CorabiaCod 1610

The museum was founded in 1951 with a mixed profile: history, ethnography, natural sciences. The building is a historical monument, built in 1907. The museum exhibition is divided into two sectors: folk art and ancient history. The richness of the settlement beginning with traces of Neolithic to the Middle Ages has always fueled the museum […]

The Holy Trinity Church, CorabiaCod 1609

The parish church “Holy Trinity” is a true cathedral, appreciated by its size to be the second one of the parish churches of Oltenia after “Madona Dudu” of Craiova and the largest in Olt county. It is the most imposing architectural construction of Danube town and was built on a swamp over a hundred years […]

Corabia City Town Hall, CorabiaCod 1608

The activity of Corabia’s Town Hall is conducted within the Administrative Palace, being one of the buildings listed as historic monuments of Olt County. The construction was initiated in 1899 and completed during the mandate of Dumitru Buzdun. The work was coordinated by the architect Clement Segall. The establishment of Corabia town was done because […]

Monument of the Heroes, CorabiaCod 1607

Monument of the Heroes from Corabia was built in 1922, being dedicated to those who were involved in the War of Independence in 1877. Romanian’s War of Independence is the name used in the Romanian historiography for the participation of the United Principalities in the Russian-Turkish War in the years 1877 – 1878. After the […]

„Saint Nicholas” Church, ComancaCod 1606

The Church St. Nicholas from Comanca was built between 1786 – 1789, but rebuilt entirely in 1824. The sanctuary was painted in 1890 and rebuilt in 1964. Saint Nicholas is celebrated on 6 December. Of Greek origin (Nikolaos), the name consists of two words: nike “victory” (from nikao “to defeat”), and laos, “people”and can also […]

„Assumption of the Virgin” Church, ColibașiCod 1605

The Church “Assumption of the Virgin” from Colibaşi was built in 1859, with the support of the priest Ilie Colibășanu, as its mentioned in the inscription found the church. The most important changes brought to the place of worship occurred in 1925, when it was replaced the shingle of the roof with galvanized sheet, in […]

Saint Nicolas Church, CilieniCod 1604

All inhabitants of commune Cilieni are Orthodox. In 1774, in Cilieni, a village at that time, was mentioned the existence of a church. It was built in a hut, located in the “Sălişte”, meaning in center of the village, located close to the Olt riverbed. To prevent the Turks from entering with horses in the […]

The Rural Carving Museum of Nicolae Nica, ChiliaCod 1603

The Rural Carving Museum of Nicolae Nica arose as a result of the efforts of Nea Nica on June 1, 1979. In 1994, Nicolae Nica has agreed to donate to the state the museum which  created one from scratch and where he gathered articles from local patrimony in order to preserve the heritage of the […]

The Church „Adormirea Maicii Domnului”, ChiliaCod 1602

The Church ” Adormirea Maicii Domnului” was built in 1830 in Brancovan style, it is one of the beautiful churches in the Olt region. The the abode from Chilia distinguishes itself by the mixed technique in which was built, of bricks and wood. It preserves the exterior paintings contained in a frise under the eaves, […]

St. Demetrius Church, CezieniCod 1601

St. DemetriusChurch in Cezieni was built in 1849 by Dumitru Cezianu. Saint Demetrios lived in Thessaloniki (Salonika in Greece today) in the reign of Emperor Diocletian and Maximian (284-305). Came from one of the noblest families in Macedonia and was admired by all, not just for his outer beauty and nobility but also for his […]