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‚,Assumption of the Virgin” Church, ScărișoaraCod 1650

“Assumption of the Virgin” Church in Scărişoara was built in 1896. Assumption of the Virgin is the feast day in memory of the data Virgin Mary died. It is celebrated by Orthodox and Catholics each year on August 15th. This celebration is popularly known as Uspenia (Slavic term) or St. Mary. About the Assumption of […]

St. Demetrius Stănuleasa Church, Sâmburești, StănuleasaCod 1649

Stănuleasa Church of Sâmbureşti is dated since 1831, was founded by Constantin and Dumittru Trepteanu and Maria Leca. The church is dedicated to St. Demetrius. The most important changes brought to the abode, involved its strengthening in 1918 and the repainting from 1998. Saint Demetrios lived in Thessaloniki (Salonika in Greece today) in the reign […]

„Assumption of the Virgin” Church, SâmbureștiCod 1648

The Church “Assumption of the virgin” was built in 1771, being included in the list of historical monuments of Olt County. Assumption of the Virgin is the feast day in memory of the data Virgin Mary died. It is celebrated by Orthodox and Catholics each year on August 15th. This celebration is popularly known as […]

The Church of Holy Brâncoveni Martyrs, RusăneștiCod 1647

The Church of Holy Martyrs Brâncoveni was built during 1995 – 2012. The cornerstone was laid by Bishop Gerasimos of Râmnic on May 28, 1995. The church project was conducted by Berbescu family. The works were executed on own, with financial support from local authorities and parishioners. The painting was done in fresco by Prof. […]

The St. John the Baptist Wooden Church, Rusănești, JieniCod 1646

The Wooden Church in Rusănești is dedicated St. John the Baptist dates back to the eighteenth century. The building was restored in 1836 by Ștefan Jianu and repairs have been made in 1888 and 1933. John the Baptist was born in the city of Orini, in the family of priest Zacharias. Elizabeth, his mother was […]

The Statue of Saint Constantin the Great, ReșcaCod 1645

Statue of Saint Constantine the Great in the town of Reşca repesents this one on a black pedestal under which are mentioned important actions which led to the development of the empire, namely: – in year 313 has developed the the Edict of Milan by which has given freedom to Christians; – in 321 decreed […]

St. Nicholas Church, ReșcaCod 1644

The church “Saint Nicholas” from Resca village, was built in 1781, by Ilinca Dobrosloveanca Setrăreasa, former metochion of the Bistrita Monastery. In 1784 the founder of the Church has dedicated it, along with its possessions to Bishopric of Ramnicu, the church being known in history as the hermitage Recica and became metochion of the Holy […]

The Remains of the Roman City, ReșcaCod 1643

Romula, carries a Roman name reminiscent of Rome, the eternal city. The conquest of Dacia by the Romans and converting a portion of its territory in the Roman province marked an important leap in material and spiritual life of the lands from north of the Danube. Among the newly elements of civilization, introduced in Dacia, […]

Brătășanu Ensemble, RadomireștiCod 1642

The ensemble was built in the nineteenth century by the nobleman Polișor Brătăşeanu. The building is made of brick, the frame is made of wood with a tile covering. Within the mansion has functioned Poiana Radomireşti Agricultural Association. Polișor Bătășanu (1857-1935) was a Romanian politician, member of the Romanian National Party, then vice president of […]

Saint Nicholas Church, ProfaCod 1641

St. Nicholas Church in Profa, was built in 1817, founded by Ion Popa and Căpăţână Voicu, it is included in the list of historical monuments. Saint Nicholas is celebrated on 6 December. Of Greek origin (Nikolaos), the name consists of two words: nike “victory” (from nikao “to defeat”), and laos, “people”and can also have the […]