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The Memorial House of Nicolae Titulescu, Nicolae TitulescuCod 1700

Shortly after the rebels torched the house of George Burca, in 1907, Nicolae Titulescu was married to Caterina Burca. This event determined the father of the girl to give up the restoration of the manor and to propose Nicolae Titulescu to build a house on the extent of his position. The construction of the house […]

The Saint Nicolas Church, Piatra OltCod 1699

The parish church “Saint Nicholas”, dates from 1862. The inscription of the place of worship, indicates that “was built this Holy place […] in 1863.” The same inscriptions recall that in 1955 was restored theold painting by the contribution of Florescu Ilie and of parishioners and the repairs took place after the 1977 earthquake. In […]

Călățeanu Fortified Manor, Piatra OltCod 1698

The fortified manor Călățeanu is built in the early century. XIX by Căleţeanu nobleman who was ensign in the army of Tudor Vladimirescu (1780-1821). It is placed in a strategic and dominant position near the place where the is located the Roman fort Acidava. The fortified manor had as element of a defense a precinct […]

Neamțu Mansion, OlariCod 1697

Neamţu mansion in Olari appears in the list historical monuments from of Olt County county drafted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Romania in 2010. The building was the home of the landlord Neamţu C. Constantin, one of the founders of Craiova Commerce Bank (the current headquarters of City Hall in Craiova) […]

The Saint Nicolas Church, FălcoiuCod 1696

The church “Saint Nicholas”, from the village Fălcoiu dates from 1509. On the other hand, some sorces place the abode as year of construction, in 1596, being rebuilt of the wall by Captain Matei Fălcoianu, between 1709-1710. The sanctuary was repaired in 1892 and restored in 1932 and 1949 when it was covered with fresco […]

The Church of Saint George, Osica de SusCod 1695

St. George church dates from 1937, being listed as a historical monument, having the shape of a cross. It was built by parishioners with the support of the priest Constantin D. Ochescu. Holy Martyr George was born in Cappadocia, of Christian parents. He lived in the time of Emperor Diocletian (Sec. IV). Because of his […]

The Church Holy Princes, CioroiuCod 1694

The church is placed on the left bank of the river Olteţ and was built in 1783, it is one of the most beautiful and interesting architectural construction in Oltenia. Local tradition says that Popa Matei Ghinescu ot.. Cioroi, the founder,, discovered in the waters of the river Olteţ an iron box filled with gold […]

The Church St. John the Baptist, RedeaCod 1693

According to the inscription “with the help of God this Holy Church was built between 1834-1840. It was restored in 1882 and in 1938 was partially washed the painting. Following the earthquake of 1977 the church being damaged, it was repaired and strengthened. In 1985 the church painting was done again, at that time parish […]

Church of St. Gregory Decapolite, GrojdiboduCod 1692

The parish church “Saint Gregory and Saint Haralambos Decapolite” was built in 1863. It had as founders the believers and the inhabitants of of this parish, being helped by the family Constantin Popescu. The inscription has been erased under the pretext that the wall cracked over it, showed by some documents found on the premises. […]

The Church Saint Nicolas, Tia Mare, PotlogeniCod 1691

The parish church “Saint Nicholas” made of wood, was built before 1845. According to writings on the inscription, the church was built from the foundation in 1863. It was repaired and painted again in 1940. “In 1993-1994 were carried out the following works: painting restoration, mending the exterior and painting the niches. The amount needed […]