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National College „Radu Greceanu”, SlatinaCod 1670

National College “Radu Greceanu” from Slatina with an age of 130 years, is a school standard of the county, where teachers and students achieve exceptional results in the work of training and education. For Slatinabut also for a large part of South East Oltenia, name of the institution “Radu Greceanu” is a brand. Radu Greceanu […]

The “Albanian Athlete” Confectionery, SlatinaCod 1669

The oldest foreign family business in Romania with an uninterrupted activity for 320 years is the Albanian athlete. It belongs to the Memish family, originally from Albania. Memish family history business in Romania, begins 300 years ago. Around 1700, arrived in the Roamanian Country the first Memish, who had as activity the trade of Albanian […]

The Building of National Bank of Romania, SlatinaCod 1668

The Building of National Bank of Romaia was built in 1908, being the most representative bank in Slatina at the time. Later became the Olt branch of National Bank of Romania until September 2000 when it was disbanded. Since then, the building houses the County Election Office when election ballots are organized. The construction is […]

The Slatina Cathedral, SlatinaCod 1667

Once approved idea of setting up a bishopric in Slatina at the initiative of the Bishopric of Ramnicul Valcea and with the support of Olt County Council, was made, also the next step, in 1993, by the decision of building a new cathedral in the city- residence, which may become at the right moment a […]

The House on Mihai Eminescu Street no. 48, SlatinaCod 1666

The house on Mihai Eminescu Street no. 48 is one of the oldest buildings in Slatina, being registred in the list of historical monuments of Olt county. Appeared from ancient times, the settlement on the Valley of Sopot, due to the natural growth rate of the population and of opportunities created by the crossing of […]

The House on „Mihai Eminescu” Street no. 44, SlatinaCod 1665

The house on Mihai Eminescu Street no. 44 is one of the oldest buildings in Slatina, being registred in the list of historical monuments of Olt county. Slatina history can be read on the streets of the city at the end of of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The architecture of the houses […]

The „Ioan Călugăru” House, SlatinaCod 1664

The house of Ioan Călugăru in Slatina was built in the late nineteenth century. Colonel Ioan Călugăru actively participated in the actions carried out in World War I, on the fightings that took place on Romania’s territory. In the conduct of forces is injured in Pieleşti – Romania. Following this incident will be decorated by […]

The Fântâneanu House, SlatinaCod 1663

The House Fântâneanu built in the first half of the nineteenth century belonged to the family by that name in Slatina, whose members have held important positions in the public life of the city. Today is owned by the the Bishopric of Slatina and Romanaţi. The house is built in eclectic style with classical elements, […]

The Bust of Radu Greceanu, SlatinaCod 1662

Radu Greceanu’s bust is placed in the courtyard of the National College Radu Greceanu educational institution with a history of over 130 years. Radu Greceanu (born approx. 1655/1660 – Death ante July 9, 1725) was a Muntenian chronicler, author of the chronicle Life of Constantin Brancoveanu from 1711 and the manuscript “Chronicle of the first […]

Saint Nicholas Coast Church, SlatinaCod 1661

The parish church was built and painted between 1883-1889, being founded by merchant Iorgu Anghelescu with the amount of 15,000 gold coins, which he bequeathed to Slatina’s City Hall, with the mention that should be used only for building a Church. It was built on the place of a church that had the same patron, […]