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Roman Catholic Church, CernavodăCod 1069

At the end of XIX century, when the construction of the bridge across the Danube has begun, foreign  workers have come, mostly Catholic, including Anghel Saligni himself. Also, there were built cement and screws plants, where foreigners has worked (Italians, Swiss, Germans, Hungarians), of Catholic religion and that, most of them settled in the town of Cernavoda. Thus was formed the nucleus of the Catholic community in the city. In 1936, s the current building was bought as a parish office and chapel, where several Italian priests have served.

In 1950, the communist regime nationalized the property withh all priest’s goods. The parish priest was arrested. Most of Catholics have returned in their country and due to restrictions imposed by the dictatorship, the Catholics remained in the country have lost their Catholic identity.

There was a Catholic elementary Italian school, which after the war was sold by the Italian community. After nationalization, the school building, belonged to Catholic community has undergone  many changes. In  1990, the state has left the building because of dampness and sharp deterioration. As a result of this, the priest and believers have occupied the building and began rearranging the worship, start to build annexes for the parish house. Since 1992, the parish held for five years a long process with local authorities, who considered taking possession of the building as abusive. Finally the church has won the case.

In 1997, the construction  of a atomic energy group, in Cernavoda was resumed, where many workers came from the country, especially from Moldova, of whom many Catholics who regrouped into a new Catholic community. In the last years many Catholics have lost their jobs because construction of other energy units in the locality has stopped.

The parish was reestablished in 1991.
On 13-VI-1997, it was obtained an authorization to build a new church, but the construction was not yet completed.
Parish house and chapel are in an advanced state of decay due to damp. There is no Catholic cemetery.

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