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“St. Nikola” Church, LyaskovetsCod 2582

The current building is the third church built in this village.

The first, for which there are information was built in 1808. Demolished by the earthquake in 1913 the church kept the inscription above the main gate on the south side: “This church, St. Nikola built by citizens of the Lord in 1808 “. This inscription is written by Professor Encho Uzunov. In 1823 the church hosted two stores and one school. This church was demolished by the inhabitants as it was too small. In its place, after the Crimean War in 1856 a new one was built by master Dosyo, born in Butchukovtsi, Gabrovo district. Hungarian traveler Felix Kanitz admiring the church after visiting Lyaskovets in 1872 said: “… my drawing gives an idea of the work of master Dosyo, but far from the architectural spirit, which is obvious in its design and decorative details …”. In 1844 a school was built in the yard and later it was replaced by “Progress” Cultural House . The southern part of this court was saved for the clock tower of the city which was built in 1866.
In 1875, the church formed a spiritual community and there were debated all civil and spiritual cases. The members were: Priest Ginev Nikola, Atanas Burov and others. The church of St. Nicholas is considered Catholic of Lyaskovets. The earthquake in 1913 destroyed the church, but it was rebuilt with assistance from the citizens during the years 1932 to 1936 and was consecrated on January 9, 1937.

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