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Tsarevets Fortress, Veliko TarnovoCod 2504

The Tsarevets Fortress is an museum-architectural reservation, located on a hill with the same name, close to the old city of Veliko Tirnovo. The complex means now, all preserved ruins of the great Bulgarian capital in Tirnovo. Today, you can see the castle’s walls and the gate of the medieval fortress, a part of the royal palace, the Baldwin’s Tower and completely restored patriarchal church “Ascension”. The first settlement on the hill dates from over five thousands years, and the fortress was the main stronghold in Bulgaria of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom when Tirnovo was the capital of Bulgaria.

The first village built on this historical hill dates back to the late Chalcolithic period (the year in 4200. Hr.). It continues its development in the Bronze Age (IV-II century. BC.) and Iron Age (XIII century-I. Hr.), when its inhabitants were Thracians. In the V-VIIth centuries, instead of the thracic village is the Zikideva – the largest city of the Byzantine Empire in the province of Lower Moesia. It is destroyed during Avar-Slav invasions of the seventh century century.

In the ninth century, an ancient town in Bulgaria is found , which develops during the First Bulgarian Empire. In the XIIth century, the fortress construction has began , and preserved until today. The fortress has three entrances, and the mani entrance is located in the western part of the hill. In the center of the palace complex which is surrounded by an inner stone wall, two battle towers and two entrances on the north and south. It includes the Throne Room, Church Royal Castle and sleeping rooms.

Tsarevets Fortress restoration began in 1930 and was completed in 1981 to commemorate the 1300 aniversary from the foundation of Bulgaria, as a state. There have ruled the kings Peter, Asan, Kaloian and Ivan Asan the second.

Tsarevets, Fortăreața Momina and Trapezitsa are located in Veliko Tirnovo. The legenda sais that roman forts were guarding the road to the magnificent Nikopol. When the barbarians invaded, besieged and destroyed the great city, the Romans settled in the city. Under these the imprisonments were large, and connected by tunnels. In the galleries, the Romans brought the treasures of Nikopol. The Romans have fortified the strongholds and have defended them for a while. When they were forced to withdraw, they put death traps in th galleries and poisoned them The secret entries were hidden. The entry to into prison under Tsarevets was located in the south. The gallery could be reached by an underground lake. Only someone who knew the secret of the treasure could continue. A hidden mechanism emptied water and on the stairs could be reached to another gallery. From here down were several levels. At each level. the Romans left a treasury. There were many dangers in the galleries with treasures… If somebody uninformed went there he would not come back alive. In every room there were precious valuables – gold and silver, decorated with precious stones. Many gold coins were piled in countless heaps. The Fortress Momina’s basement was on two levels. The treasure was in the lower level. The entry was a large well with a shadoof. On the bottom, you could see the water. It went below stairs, and there began the lateral gallery. For the case, the Romans withdrew, they put up a stone plate and covered it. The second entrance is at the bottom. The decoration was a great boxy stone with a ball over ……

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