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The Bust of Ion Banescu, ConstanţaCod 1091

Ion Bănescu was the man with the face of stone, a man who left behind a memory of energy, an example of work as mayor of the city and for a long time as as school inspector of Dobrogea.

In 1910, the sculptor Dimitrie Paciurea (1873-1932) the command to execute the bust of Ion Banescu. The ideea The idea was launched at the mayor’s death beloved by the President of the Conservative party, Take Ionescu, and a large group of citizens contribute by cash subscription,  to raise the bust of the former citizen and major of this city.

The artist performs the work commissioned in record time and  exhibit it at the Artistic Youth exhibition in May 1910 in Bucharest. More difficult is to find a location. There are two proposals: in the public garden Mircea cel Mare and in the market on Grivitei street, in front of the Church Assumption of the holy Mary. Disputes continue, carelessness leaves initiatives and  only in June 1916 it is placed in the second position proposed, without an appropriate, evidence that many years later, in 1931, were recorded two offers from stone carvers Antonio Rutta and Fabian Istvan with carving workshops in Constanta „to execute the pedestal for the bust of  Ion Bănescu.” Today the bust was moved to the headquarters of the city, a possible gallery of the most worthy local mayors.
Peter Vulcan wrote in the obituary dedicated to the major Banescu, among other: „Banescu for his dearest Constanţa was a phenomenon of those, that rarely occurs in the history of social development of a nation, and if we analyze his facts diligently, work that was done to the common good, diligence and brilliant intelligence then we do not wrong if we set him on the same level with the great figures who  illustrated our  marjories and  the Austrian capital.  For Bănescu was not only a good and hardworking as mayor of Constanta, but also a brilliant innovator leading developments that generations fail to realize. Impartial history will know to fix the place of honor it deserves among the great figures of the children of this country. ”


– founder of modern education in Constanta County

– city systematization in perspective, and  drawing sketches of systemization, by specialists; ordering streets based on a rectangular plan

– city zoning on economic functions: residential, commercial, industrial, touristic

– will initiate the first visitor facilities at Mamaia and strengthen its promotion as a resort

– pioneer of public lighting of streets in the city of Constanta

– Initiates the supply of Constanta with drinking water brought from the Danube

– supports the consolidation of the seashore and the achievement of the cliff like a boulevard promenade

– Supports the construction of the casino (opened in 1910)

– initiates the construction of the first power plant in Constanta

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