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The Lighthouse from Constanța, ConstanțaCod 1125

The landing lighthouse from Constanța is known as one of the safest guiding methods of the ships which enter the Harbor. At the same time, the harbor from Constanța has also the role as radio-marker, being one of the four such unique lighthouses from the shores of the Black Sea.

Built in 1958, the Lighthouse was inaugurated in the year 1960 in an area in which there weren’t any blocks, parks or boulevards with six circulation bands.

The construction with a height of 60 meters has a radius which is visible from 24 marine miles.

The optical and electrical mechanisms of the lighthouse are situated in a metallic arch of a pyramid shape, executed of edge iron and steel pipe with dimensions of 5 meters at the base of the pyramid and the height of 15 meters.

In the same lighthouse it is also installed the radio-marker Constanța, which is part of a chain of four such radio-markers situated surrounding the Black Sea, the other three being Nos Kaliakra, Nos Emine and Maslen Nos.

The radio-marker Constanța issues a radio signal, in the Morse code, on the frequency of 291, 5 KHz, signal which can be used by the ships for orientation through the method of goniometry. The lighthouse from Constanța is installed in well-established geographic coordinates, these being 43 degrees, 9 minutes and 50 seconds northern longitude and 28 degrees, 37 minutes and 91 seconds eastern latitude. In the night, the lighthouse from Constanța can be identified without doubt from the see, if it taken into account the lighting characteristic of it, which is unique: a white light with a group of two short blinks at an interval of 29, 8 seconds. The navigation officers of the military and commercial ships known how to decode the signals of these lighthouses, their characteristics being passed in the special manuals and the navigation maps found on the board of every commercial and military ships from the world, starting with the year 1966 the Maritime Hydrographic Department being a national member in the International Association of Maritime Signalizing (ASIM or YALA).

In the last 10 years, the lighthouse has been renovated and remained a symbol of the city. This is why, the construction takes the eyes of the visitors.

The landing lighthouses from the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, besides the one from Constanța, are also at Mangalia, Tuzla, Midia, Gura Portiței, Sfântu Gheorghe and Sulina.

The seven landing lighthouses ensure each one of them a visibility of minimum 15 marine miles from the coast.


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