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The Monument Baba Tonka, RuseCod 2336

Tonka Obretenov was borned in 1812 in the village of Cherven, Ruse. Her parents are Toncho Postavchiyata and Minka Toncheva. He was married to a tailor and merchant, known in Russian, Tiho Obretenov (1831). The result of their marriage were five boys and two girls.
She was involved in organizing the national liberation struggle. She provided an important aid organizational, moral and financial private revolutionary committee, associate and confidant of Vasil Levski. Her home became a safe haven and an organizing center of revolutionary activists.
Her children were involved in the battle. Petar Obretenov Angel Obretenov were rebels in the company of Hadzhi Dimitar and Stefan Karadzha. Nikola Obretenov was a central figure in Russian private Revolutionary Committee, participating in the company’s Hristo Botev. Georgi Obretenov was in the company of Stoil, brave rebel in the revolt in Stara Zagora (1875). Petrana Obretenov stitched the flag of the Revolutionary Black Water Band (1875).
Four sons I have lost “Two are in the grave and the other, half dead. But if I had four more, I would let them wear the Bulgarian flag with gold lion! Baba Tonka
Anastasiya Obretenov was the wife of the revolutionary, writer and publicist Zahari Stoyanov. In his “Notes on Bulgarian uprisings” we have information on the personality and the revolutionary cause of the so called Baba Tonka:
“I must tell you … that Baba Tonka is a woman with a cheerful and witty character. Circumstances have learned this simple truth that if a man has the knowledge and intelligence, he can earn more in the Turks simple, which have not ceased … to respect drinks and bow fools of any nation they may be. If a zabitin strong that he saw for the first time, began to curse and threaten that he would pick strings, because it led four … sons in the committee, then it would be said hat they would think rather to marry and to the zabitinului, to buy his yellow boots for wedding. The man in the government could not understand what kind of person is this woman that made a comparison between a sixty years grandmother and yellow boots and afterwards was amused … “

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