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The Temple Cathedral of Holy Birth of Mother Virgin, Veliko TarnovoCod 2491

The Temple Cathedral of the Holy Birth of Mother Virgin is located in Boliarska neighborhood in Veliko Tirnovo. It was built on the old church of Mother Virgin Birth, the work of Nikola Ficheto during the years 1842-1844.

It is built of carved sandstone, and the main and big eaves, double yoke of stone and red brick, are the major features of the church. It is adorned with four columns and eliptical windows, giving special originalitytothe facade. The church has three nartexes. 30 m to west it has been built the bell tower, also built of stone. The floorings is covered with marble tiles. The most original things inside the church are the two rows of capitals. The domes are made of bricks and mortar. Besides all this, the main entrance has two side symmetrical doors, which open on exterior arcades. I was built with funds collected from the population in neiborghood.

On 1st of April 1913 the city of Tirnovo has faced an catastrophic earthquake. Together with many private and public buildings affected the Cathedral was also destroyed. The bell tower remain standing, altough it is strongly damaged. In the same year, near the ruins, it has been raised up a temporary chapel for the Parish needs and it was decided that the damaged bell tower to be demolished. The cornerstone was discovered when cleaning the remains and the paper regarding its raising up dated on 8 septembrie 1888 and signed by the Metropolitan bishop Kliment, Mayor P. Slavkov, prominent princes and priests in Tirnovo.

The cornerstone of the new cathedral was laid in 1924, and in 1934 the building was completed and consecrated. The facade was restored according to the drawings and layout of Leon Filipov performed before the earthquake (stored today in the Regional Museum of History in Veliko Tirnovo).
(stocată astăzi în Muzeul de Istorie Regională din Veliko Tirnovo).

This Church-Cathedral (catholic) was built by the master builder – Deda (Grandfather) Grozyu in 1933 – 1934. Many craftsmen and famous artists best efforts for the interior design of the work. Wooden sculpture of iconostasis and the bishop’s throne are the work of the Master D. Kushlev. The frescoes were made in 1954 by professors-artists N. Kozhuharov, Gyudzhenov D., P. Seferov and a painter from Tirnovo – Atanas Velev.
The rescoes of interests of these historical scenes are the Bulgarian people baptising, Sending Patriarch St. Euthymius in exile, and The literar School of Teodosie in Tirnovo, as well as the images of the saints: Chiril and Metodiu and their disciples Clement, Naum, Sava, Gorazd, Angelarii.

The bells are Russian, drawn elegant and showing by signs crossing the Danube by the Russian liberation forces.

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