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The House Ana and Marinache Popescu, CălăraşiCod 1244

Around the year 1890, Marinache Popescu, bargainer and land owner in Ialomița, together with his wife Ana decided to build in Călărași an opulent building, in an eclectic style, whose methodic and rigorous architectural partition comprises generous spaces, with a correct separation of the functions. Three decades later, their followers will donate the immobile to […]

The Bust of Eugen Cialîc, CălăraşiCod 1243

The bust of Eugen Cialîc comes to remind the people of the city of Călărași, about the efforts made by the mayor who run for three mandates the city, between July 1931 – June 1932, September 1938 – October 1940 and September 1941 – November 1944. The emblematic personality of Călărași, which he led with […]

The Bust of Burebista, CălăraşiCod 1242

The church with the titular saint of Saint Nicholas of the congregation Mircea Vodă, with the shape of a cross, was been built-up between the years 1909 – 1911, by the support of a committee composed of 30 people , having as initiator Ilie Bigan. The church was consecrated in the year 1911 by his […]

Saint Hierarch Nicholas Church – Mircea Vodă, CălărașiCod 1241

The church with the titular saint of Saint Nicholas of the congregation Mircea Vodă, with the shape of a cross, was built between the year 1909 – 1911, with the support of a committee consisting of 30 people, having as initiator Ilie Biligan. The church was consecrated in the year 1911 by His Eminence the […]

Saints Constantine and Helen Church, CălărașiCod 1240

Shortly after the city of Călărați becomes the capital of the county of Ialomița, in the spring of the year 1833, the number of the population almost doubled, and the city’s perimeter grows. It comes into existence a new neighborhood – Volna, in which there will settle, usually, the first inhabitants, land owners, who had […]

Saint John Baptist Church “Alexe”, CălărașiCod 1239

Saint John Baptist church comes to bring in the local scenery a mark of sobriety and a return to history. Unlike the other churches from the city, built by the contribution of the church-goers or with the support of some sponsors, in the case of this church the land and all the expenses with the […]

Saint Nicholas Church, BogataCod 1238

As for the year of the construction of the church under the titular saint of Saint Nicholas from the Bogata congregation is concerned, it differs from a document to another, according to the studied source. The inventory of the Diocese of Hungarian – Wallachia from the year of 1810, stipulates about the village Bogate together […]

Saint Nicholas Church, AndolinaCod 1237

The Andolina Congregation, currently formed from the Andolina Village and part of the Ciocănești Sărbi village, the former district of the priest Alecu Zamfir, who transferred from the Ciocănești Sărbi congregation to the Andolina congregation, which was formed in the yea 1938, by the separation from the Ciocănești Sărbi congregation. Not having a church, the […]