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Bust Ștefan Iordache, CalafatCod 1303

The work is executed by the artist George Ciobanu and it was the wish of the mayor of Calafat, Mircea Guță, to have it in Calafat, a dear city of Ștefan Iordache. The Cultural Centre, in front of which sits in state this master of theater art, will carry the name “Ștefan Iordache”. It is […]

The Bulgarian Cultural Center, CalafatCod 1302

The Bulgarian Cultural Center from Calafat is hosted in the Palace Marincu. The building was built up between the years 1905 – 1907 by Ștefan Marincu, mayor of Calafat in the period 1911 – 1914, who came from a wealth family who came across many values. The palace was built up in the memory of […]

The Children Club, CalafatCod 1301

The Children Club from Calafat is hosted in a house, historical monument built up by Ioniță Marincu at the beginning of the XXth centurt for his grandchildren. The house served later on for the Officer Club Regiment 31 Infantry, judge, hospital with infectious diseases. In the Children club there exist 7 didactic norms, and namely: […]

The Memorial House of Ioan Gheorghiadis, CalafatCod 1300

The memorial house Ioan Gheorghiadis is one of the most important historical buildings of the city Calafat. This belonged to Ioan Gheorghiadis, Greek, established in Calafat, until 1893. Further on, the building was renovated, equipped, having more uses among which Commercial high-school for boys, Gymnasium for girls starting with 1948. In this moment the building […]

The Memorial House of Dumitru P. Arssenie, CalafatCod 1299

The Memorial House of P. Arsenie was built up in the year 1878. In the house from Calafat lived until 1927, together with his family – wife, daughter, niece with husband and great granddaughter. After the year 1927 the house belonged to the frontier unities. Dumitru P. Arssenie, native from Greece, the island Mykonos, became […]

Life-Giving Spring Church, CalafatCod 1297

The “Life – giving spring” church from the municipality Calafat, also known under the name of the “Greek” church was built up between the years 1864 – 1874. The land had been donated by its founder, Hagi Panait Theodoru, being situated in the most graphic and the highest place of the city, at a height […]

The Jițianu Monastery, BranișteCod 1296

The historical data certify the fact that in the XIVth century here there was a small wooden church built up by Mircea the Elder after a victory at Rovine. The current place of worship was built up between the years 1654 – 1658 and it is the second stone church, as antiquity, from the area […]

The Bust of Michael The Brave, BăileștiCod 1295

The statue from Băilești was built up in the memory of Michael the Brave. Michael was born, most likely, in the year 1558. His mother was named Tudora. She was the sister of Iane Epirotul, who became ban of Oltenia and the representative of the prince of Muntenia at Constantinople, being a very influent person. […]

The Monument of Heroes, BăileştiCod 1294

The monument “the reuniting”, uncovered on the 24th of October 1924, was “dedicated to the Heroes from Băilești who died for the country 1916 – 1919”, in the fights from Cerna, Jiu, Olt, Argeș, Siret, Mărăști, Oituz, Danube, Dniester, Tisa, as it stands written on the monument, on the north side. Like all the Romanians, […]