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The Memorial House Vârvoreanu, CraiovaCod 1323

The memorial house Vârvoreanu is one of the buildings included on the list of historical monument of the county Dolj, being built at the end of the XIXth century. Today within the building there functions a kindergarten. The descendants of the ancient Greece, from the lands of Homer and Ulysses, the Vorvoreni stepped in Oltenia […]

The House Nicolae Romanescu, CraiovaCod 1322

The house Nicolae Romanescu remains the place in which there were gathered to unite their souls Lucia and Nicolae Romanescu after they traveled to Europe, after months of days or even years spent at Liege or at Paris. The world of Craiova rebirths then with every file. Furnished with the most comfortable and elegant pieced […]

The Memorial House of Maria Tănase, CraiovaCod 1318

Maria Tănase was a Romanian popular, fiddler’s, romance music singer and variety theater actress. He was named the “Skilled bird” (by Nicolae Iorga and the Queen of the Romanian songs. She was born in the suburbs of the Brick Makers from Bucharest (the area of the Children palace – Youth Park), being the third child […]

The Memorial House of Gheorghe Chițu, CraiovaCod 1317

The memorial house of Gheorghe Chițu was built up at the beginning of the XIXth century and it was the building in which Gheorghe Chițu lived. Gheorghe Chițu (born on the 24th of August 1828, Ologa, the county of Romanați – deceased on the 24th of October 1897, Mirila, the county of Romanați), political man, […]

The Assumption of Mary Church, Coțofenii din FațăCod 1314

The Assumption of Mary Church, Coțofenii is part of the Ensemble of the Ensemble of the court of Coțofeni, situated in the village Coțofenii din Față, the commune Almaj. On the left border of the bottom land of the Jiu, the place which still keeps part of the ancient charm, with a view facing the […]