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Radu Negru Hall, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1441

Radu Negru Hall is one of the patrimony buildings in the town of Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Mehedinţi county. It is in Radu Negru Square, where many private shops are today. The hall project was done by the city hall engineer C.I. Gabrielescu and was discussed for the first time in 1893, but the Superior Technical College […]

The Memorial House Dr. Popescu Crivina, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1440

The memorial house Dr. Popescu Crivina was built in the year 1924. Currently, within the house there is found a dialysis center dedicated to the people who suffer from kidney conditions. Drobeta Turnu Severin (name until 1972: Turnu Severin, in Hungarian: Szörényvár or Szörénytornya, in German: Turm Severin) is the residence municipality of the county […]

Bust of Traian – Traian Park, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1439

Traian was son of Marcus Ulpius Traianus, a prominent senator and general from a famous Roman family (Ulpii). He was born September 18th 53, in Italica, from the Roman Hispania province. As a young man, he advanced in the Roman army hierarchy, fighting in the most dangerous area of the Roman empire, in the Rhin […]

Traian National College, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1438

The idea to found a high school dates to 1864 from the moment of the passing of the public education law, because young people in Severin attended high schools in craiova or other cities. In 1885/ 1886, Parliament votes the 21000000 lei credit for the school construction, the location of a high school being set […]

Heroes’ Monument, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1437

The monument was raised immediately after WWI (1930-1933). The project of construction of a heroes’ monument was created in 1924, when the local commitee of the “Cultul Eroilor” society adressed some architects for reffered proposal plans. The decision to built the document was taken May 27th 1927, with the election of a new commitee of […]

The Commercial Bank, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1436

Until 1918, Turnu Severin would be the west gate of Romania. After 1900, the industry and severin capital continued to diversify in a fast pace. The commerce and industry chambers is registered in 1902 and in that same year the “Mercur” candy factory is registered. In 1902 the „James O’Mara” cold cuts meat factory is […]

Severin Episcopacy, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1435

Severin and Strehaia Episcopacy was refounded after 600 years. It has jurisdiction over all the church units in Mihedinti county. The diocese has 5 archbishoprics containing: 500 parrishes, 148 subsidiriaries, 11 convents and 220 priests. After adress no. 959/2003, sent by Craiova Archbishopric, taking into account the desire of the clergy and of the congregation […]

Bust of Traian, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1434

The bust of emperor Traian was inagurated in 1906 is the work of sculptor Franasovici. Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus (b. September 18th 53, d. August 9th 117), Roman emperor (98 – 117) was the second of the so called five good emperors of the Roman Empire and one of its most important. During his reign, […]

Theodor Costescu Palace, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1433

Selected president of the „Turnu Severin theatre” society, Theodor Costescu, principal of the prestigious Traian highschool in town, managed in only a few days to cover the entire list of actions, necesary to finance the theatre construction. The works began in 1912. The events in 1916 found the building  partly finished, but covered. After the […]

Severin Medieval Fortress, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1432

The medieval name of the Severin fortress could have three possible origins: a latin one, associated to emperor Septimiu Severus’ name; a slavic one, associated to the word “severnâi”, translated as „northern” or „from the north”; a religious one, associated to Saint Severin de Noricum, protective saint in the Middle ages of the latin church […]