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Bust of Decebal, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1431

The bust of Decebal was executed in the memory of the brave dacian, who chose suiside than to turn himslef in to the roman conquerers. King Decebal had many wars with the Romans, who will recognize his special miliitary and political qualities. From the first year of his reign, in 87, he faced a difficult […]

Saint Voivodes Church, CujmirCod 1430

The Cujmir parrish curch, dedicated to „St. Arch. Mihail and Gavriil” was built from the beginning from the ground up by G.G. Tavlaș, from burnt brick, with no rock foundation, with rectangular windows, very small with one door, paved with burnt brick, covered with tiles and painted with tempera. In local tradition, this worthy founder, […]

The Corcova Vignard, CorcovaCod 1429

The Corcova Vignard is in the south-west side of Romania, in Mehedinți county, Oltenia and has 55 ha that have been replanted with traditional species of the area, included in the authorized DOC species in Mehedinți-Corcova: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Fetească Neagră, Muscat Ottonel, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and a new species Syrah. The Corcova […]

The Anton Bibescu Mansion, CorcovaCod 1428

Born in an old landowner family, Anton Bibescu, lawyer, diplomat and writer, was in love with Corcova. The Bibescu family owned in this part of Oltenia over 2000 ha of land. They raised a mansion and around 1920 they grew vignards of noble vine. Corcova soon became Anton and Marta Bibescu’s favorite vacation spot. The […]

Saint Voivodes Church, CorcovaCod 1427

The church in Corcova dedicated to the Saint Voivodes was built by Constantin Strâmbeanu, high steward in 1752 on the grounds of an older church. It was repaired in 1889. The inscription from 1752 is at the Mogoșoaia Palace built by Constantin Brâncoveanu. Corcova village, documented in the charter issued by Radu cel Frumos in […]

The Tricule Citadel, 4 km from SviniţaCod 1426

Currently the building of the Tricule Citadel is in the Danube water, while the southern tower is totally under water. They are placed in the corners of a triangle. Conventionally, they received the names of no.1 (the north west tower), no.2 (the north east) and no.3 (the southern). The dimensions of tower 1 were of […]

Nistor Fortress, CernețiCod 1425

Built around 1810 by colonel Istrate Sălişteanucu to serve as residence during the farming works, guarding turret of the harvest and shelter during distress times. It represents the type of tall house with a dam along the entire facade with a wall plate and beautifully sculpted pillars, also having a series of fortresses, that is […]

Tudor Vladimirescu’s Fortress, CernețiCod 1424

The land on which the fortress was built is on a former property of the Cozia Monastary. According to historical tradition, it seems that it was built in 1800 by Tudor Vladimirescu after Cerneţi was burned down by the Turkish troops. After Tudor’s death, Vasile Strâmbeanu takes over the fortress and in 1838 it accues […]

Saint Nicholas Church, CernețiCod 1423

As the population in Cerneți grew, there was a need for more worship houses. Thus in 1794 the Saint Nicholas church was completed, begun as per its inscription, along while back. This is the inscription: „This holy and godly church dedicated to Saint Nicholas and Saint Spiridon was built from the ground up by Radu […]

Cerneți Monastery, CernețiCod 1422

It was built in 1662 by king Grigore Ghica and later transformed between 1784 and 1794. A fortified church, with a massive and tall bell tower, thick walls and narrow shooting windows, allowing access from the inside. It is part of the former monastery complex, of which several ruins of the chapels and the inside […]