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The Clock Tower in Berkovitsa, BerkovitsaCod 2104

It is the most distinctive architectural monument. It is located in the city center and is the symbol and emblem of the city. It was built in 1762-1764 And today still measure time with his ring made of copper. Clock Tower Berkovitsa is located in the city center at one end of Radichkov. It was […]

Ethnographic Museum „Katerina Kushta”, ChiprovtsiCod 2103

It is located in Chiprovtzi and is called the house of carpet weavers. You can observe the lifestyle of Torlatsite – a small ethnic group belonging to the local population. Exposed old clothes, utensils, accessories for weaving. In the courtyard, visitors can see exhibitions of plants used for natural dyeing of yarns for famous Kilim […]

History Museum, LomCod 2102

History Museum in the town of Lom was founded on September 20, 1925 by the Archaeological Society of Lom “Almus” at the initiative of Dr. Peter Kardzhiev (who graduated medical school in St. Petersburg, and was Mayor of Shumen). Its management is performed by the management and control committee elected by the general assembly. The […]

Ivan Vazov Memorial House and Museum, BerkovitsaCod 2101

The house-museum “Ivan Vazov” in Berkovitz is the house where Ivan Vazov lived while he was president of the District Court in Berkovitsa – March 7, 1879 – September 18, 1880. Since 2012, the house-museum “Ivan Vazov” is part of the museum complex – Berkovitz. The house, which houses the museum was built in the […]

Ethnographic Museum, BerkovitsaCod 2100

On 04/04/1971, is opened the Ethnographic Museum – Berkovitz within the Konov house. Ethnographic Museum – Berkovitz presents the material and spiritual culture of the region. It is housed in Sarbinska house – a typical building of the old town of Berkovitsa. Ethnographic Museum – Berkovitz has a rich exhibition that presents the lifestyle and […]

Archaeological Exhibition “Lapidarium”, MotanaCod 2099

Lapidary – archaeological exhibition is a place where the stones are sorted by archaeological importance – statues, stone plates with epigraphs, architectural details such as columns, friezes. The exhibition is part of the Historical Museum of Montana and was opened in 2001. Lapidary – archaeological exhibition is located in beautiful park of the Garden Priest […]

The History Museum, MontanaCod 2098

History Museum in the town of Montana was created in 1953. For nearly six decades gathered considerable amounts of collections, were done research and promotional activities. The museum organizes not only systematic archaeological excavations, but also deals with the study of the material and spiritual culture, which gives the unique character of the region. The […]

Castra Forteress Ad Montanezium, MontanaCod 2097

The Fortress “Castra Ad Montanezium” / “Kutlovitsa” It is built on the hill of the fortress or “Gradishteto” at 0.96 km south-west in straight line from the center of Montana. The fortress was built on a hill that rises up to 50 m above the surrounding surface. The first settlement of this strategic height, easily […]