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The Festival of the Mountain Berkovska, BerkovitsaCod 2144

Berkovitsa Balkan celebration is held annually at the beginning of August. The feast is celebrated since 1927. The event is organized in the hut from the area near the Qom, where concerts are held. By night, in the mountains a festive fire is made.

The Montana Feast, MontanaCod 2143

The Feast Montana is conducted periodically in the day of the Holy Spirit. The city Feast begins with a meal and a speech by the mayor.

International Youth Arts Festival „Patent for leather shoes”, BerkovitsaCod 2142

“Patent for leather shoes” – It is a festival of songs and arts for children. Held periodically in Berkovitsa. It began to run, until 1992, as a song festival, and then in 1994. Children’s Forum is organized by the Municipality of Berkovitsa, “Ivan Vazov – 1872”. The festival is a competition and may be involved […]

International Folk Gathering “Ashiklar sings and dances”, BerkovitsaCod 2141

It is held annually in Berkovitsa in the beginning of July. The folk event is one of the oldest in Bulgaria, Its beginning dates back to 1936, when it was started as a music contest for the teams of Berkovitsa district.

The Rock Festival „Berkstok”, BerkovitsaCod 2140

Berkstok (BERKSTOCK) festival is organized on the pattern of the legendary Woodstock rock. It was held in 1998 in Berkovitsa, Bulgaria, about 80 km from Sofia. The festival takes place since 2005 when was opened by the legendary Scottish punk band The Exploited. In Berkstok, took place for the first time in 1998 with participation […]

“Toshova Hole” Cave, VarshetsCod 2139

Cave “Toshova Hole” is located 20km from Vratsa. Located 1 km southeast of the village Stoyanovo near the unfinished building of the former residence. In the beginning there are 12 meters abseiling. Pass through horizontal galleries with a length of about 1km, there is a small underground waterfall at the end of the cave. Rich […]

The “Parasinska Gap” Cave, BelimelCod 2138

It is located in the Paresineto area. The cave begins at the northeast edge of the village where the paved road ends and there is a fountain. From here begin two dirt roads. For “pit Parasinska” you should go to the north, and after 600 meters on left. You reach the Great Basin. The road […]

Cures Well, BalyuvitsaCod 2137

Holy water from the holy spring near Berkovitsa village Balyuvitsa treated mainly eyes. The place itself is picturesque, surrounded by a well mystery. Cures well existed for centuries, but after the earthquake in Vrancea in 1977 was buried by rocks. Then the miracle happened, the huge stones themselves Fit and clear rivulet ancestry. Restored is […]

Fountains Square “Zheravitsa”, MontanaCod 2136

“The Fountains” of Montana are architecturally shaped marble fountain with multiple cascades, which in warmer months of the year night are illuminated in attractive colors. There are central square” Zheravitsa. “At one end of the large rectangular basin stands a monumental monument” Septemvriitsi. “Square of fountains is a place for walking, resting, meeting and at […]

The Mishin Kamyk Cave, ChiprovtsiCod 2135

Located between the villages of Upper and Dolna Lukes (2km northwest of the village Lunca de Sus, on the right bank of the river Prevalska Augusta) in Chiprovtzi part of Stara Planina, in the homonymous park. Formed in gray limestone formations from Lower Cretaceous (Aptian). It was declared a landmark, with a total area of […]