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“St. Forty Martyrs” Medieval Church, LipenCod 2164

Medieval church “St. Forty Martyrs” is located 1.5 km north of the village Lipen, in the picturesque area “Monastery”, located at the foot of the mountain Pastrina. There were no reports during the construction of the church, nor to destroy it. According to local legend around the temple was situated Lipen old village, which was […]

St. George Ortodox Church, VarshetsCod 2163

Cross-domed basilica. Its construction began in 1902, the iconostasis was finished in 1906. The church was declared as a cultural monument of local importance. The carving of the iconostasis is work of local artist, and the icons were painted by the famous academician Ivan Stefanov. Some of the icons date back from the XVII and […]

Nativity of the Holy Virgin Church, BerkovitsaCod 2162

Orthodox church, contemporary with the Bulgarian revival, a school for boys and girls, spiritual choice of the people in Berkovitsa. Rebuilt in 1843 and gilded in 1867. The icons were painted by Dimitar Zograph and the sculpture by Stoycho Fandakova both coming from Samokov School, the best in the country during the Renaissance.

“St. Cyril and Methodius” Church, MontanaCod 2161

The church “St. Cyril and Methodius” was built relatively late (1898), but impresses by its majestic presence. Is located near the Mihailovic House. The church “St. Cyril and Methodius” is a cultural monument of local importance. The icons within it are made by Hristo Yanchev and the iconostasis was created with floral, geometric and zoomorphic […]

Klisura Monastery “St. Cyril and Methodius”, 4 km of Barzia VillageCod 2160

Klisura monastery “St. Cyril and Methodius”, also known as Vreshtitski is located in a scenic area on the western part of the mountain, at the foot of the Teddy Dolls mountain, near the resort Vrsac. The Sofia Monastery can be reached most easily using the road from the city through Petrohan Pass in Montana. About […]

Lopushanski Monastery “St. John the Baptist”, ChiprovtsiCod 2159

Lopushanski Monastery “St. John the Baptizer” is located in the Chiprovtsi area of the Balkan mountain in the valley of the river Augusta Dalgodelska valley, in the villages Pomezhdin, Melyane and George Damyanovo (until 1958 V. Lopushna). The monastery at 21 km away from Montana, at 30 km away from Berkovitsa and at 55 km […]

Gushovski Monastery “St. Archangel Michael”, ChiprovtsiCod 2158

Gushovski monastery “St. Archangel Michael” is located approximately 7 km southwest of Chiprovtsi. To the monastery leads a good gravel road accessible for cars. The nature and places around the monastery are truly divine grace. According to local legend, many years ago, one day, people have climbed on the mountain of the monastery, and a […]

St. Ivan Rilski Monastery, ChiprovtsiCod 2157

“St. Ivan Rilski” Monastery in Chiprovtsi is located on the valley of the river Chiprovska Augusta, about five kilometers northeast of the town of Chiprovtsi. The monastery is a detour on the road between the villages Belimel and Fier. According to Petar Bogdan Bakshich in his book “Description of Bulgaria” (1640), the existence of the […]

Church St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, BerkovitsaCod 2156

The church “Saint Nicholas” from gr.Berkovitsa is one of the most remarkable architectural monuments of the city. A three-nave church, built back in 1871 by Master George Novakov Dzhongar. Later, the church was enlarged and rebuilt, as in 1898. Was, also built a bell tower. The facade of the church has changed its appearance several […]

SBR St. Mina, VarshetsCod 2155

SBR ( “SHR”) St. Mina is located in Varshets, on the northern slopes of the western Balkan Mountains, 90km from Sofia and 35 km from Montana. Varshets is known as a resort since 1850. The geographical location defines it as a climatic spa resort, located at 380 meters altitude on a huge hill that stores […]