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Eco-Trail “Ivanchona Polyana”, Waterfall Area – VarshetsCod 2184

Numerous trails of the park, with a total length of about 7 km and each leads to the famous meadow Ivanchona. This is a favorite place for picnics, sports games and celebrations of the residents and visitors of Vrsac. From here reveals great views down to the city, up the mountain and Mount dolls Teddy.

Eco-Trail “Deyanitsa” – ChiprovtsiCod 2183

The waterfall – extremely beautiful of 6 meters high, located in the town of Chiprovtsi. It can be reached by trail “Deyanitsa”, which begins from the asphalt road the outskirts of town. In order to guide yourself, in case you are on this road way, is best to ask the locals. The beginning of the […]

Koprenska Trail – District MontanaCod 2182

Koprenska trail consists of several stages with varying degrees of difficulty. Located in Montana, northwestern Bulgaria. It is located 131 km from Sofia and 35 km from Montana. Starting at Kopilovtsi village and bring you to the area near Mount Kopren. The eco-trail runs along the three rivers that form two famous waterfall – Durshin […]

„St. Archangel Michael“ Church, SpanchevtsiCod 2181

The church “St. Archangel Michael” is located near the vast Cathedral. Through the consecration of the Cathedral in 1878, the church was the cathedral formed of the Diocese of Nis. It was built around 1984 during the Ottoman rule, much of it should be underground because the former Turkish law, at that time, did not […]

“St. Ascension” Orthodox Church, VarshetsCod 2180

The church from Zanozhene was built in 1872 and was painted in 1873. In the beginning was called “St. Nicholas”, but in 1927 was renamed “Ascension” which is the name it bears today. Parish priest and president of the church council , Father of the church, is Krasimir Simov.

“Assumption” Church, CerkaskiCod 2178

The temple is a basilica. Its construction began in 1865 on the site of an older church, but the construction is stopped several times; the building was demolished and built again. The church was completed and consecrated after the Liberation of Bulgaria. In 1974, it was rebuilt. There are no frescoes; a higher value is […]

Catholic Cathedral and Monastery “Saint Mary”, ChiprovtsiCod 2177

An interesting fact is that Catholicism has had the same influence among people as Orthodox Christianity. In the seventeenth century was found a school in which was trained the young Catholic faith. Catholic monks had a huge contribution to the preparation of Chiprovtsi Uprising in 1688. The monastery was destroyed from the ground and the […]

St. Nicholas Church, BarziaCod 2176

Church “St. Nikolay”, known as the “Latin Church” is located on a small height in the center of Barziya. The climb to it going from the square in front of the municipality. According to the church was built “sometime in the XVI century”. In XIX century, Due to population growth, naos (salon) the church was […]

Medieval Church “St. Nicholas”, Gorna VerenitsaCod 2175

Medieval church “St. Nicholas” in Gorna Verenitsa is high in the south part of the village, located on a hill of Broad Mountain, so it opens a spectacular view to the north. There is no indication when it was built this church, but identity of its architecture with that of “St. Nicholas’ – Dolna Cerenitsa […]