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Stud Farm “Berglend”, BerkovitsaCod 2194

Berglend equestrian center is located in the beautiful Western Balkans at the entrance to the town Berkovitsa. The base is adjacent to Mount Kom, Todorini Kukli (puppets Todorini), Klisurski monastery. Apart from the Olympics and games for children, that take the first riding lessons for beginners the base has hundreds of acres of lawn that […]

Dam “Balova shuma”, Gavril GenovCod 2193

The dam “Balova shuma” is located near the village Gavril Genov, Montana. The pond is private and allows the fishing. It is suitable for fishing carp, grass carp and catfish, and for camping.

Dam “Srechenska Bar”, YagodovoCod 2192

The dam “Srechenska bar” with drinking water is near the villages Yagodovo, Slatina and Tsvetkov bar. Used for water supply of the cities Vratsa, Montana, Mezdra and Berkovitz. A perfect place for nature walks. From the lake to crest Koznitsa are beautiful landscapes of the Western Balkans and their tops – Teddy Towers.

Dam “Lipovets“, LipovetsCod 2191

Dam “Lipovets” is on Lipovets River, along the river Shugavitsa. It is owned by the municipality. It is used for commercial fishing and fishing farms. It has a volume of 0.342 million cubic meters and the flooded area is of 88 acres. The height of the wall is of 13m. The dam is at an […]

Dam “Lipen”, LipenCod 2190

Lipen is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, located in the municipality of Montana. It is 15km east of Montana. Lipen village is almost 225 meters above the sea level in the southeast at the base of the hill Pastrina isolated, which is part of the Western Balkans. In the northwestern part of the village is […]

Dam “Gaganitsa”, BerkovitsaCod 2189

The “Gaganitsa” dam is located near Montana, Stara Planina. Situated 300m above sea level. The dam is suitable for fishing and water sports. You can catch pike, perch, carp, bream and bleak.

Dam “Ogosta”, MontanaCod 2188

The “AUGUSTA” dam, in northwest Bulgaria, the fourth area and fourth artificial reservoir in the room. Stocks the collected waters from the rivers August, Barzia and Zlatisa, and is located 600 meters southwest of the suburbs of Montana, 60 meters above the city. Its capture surface is of 948kmp , while the lake cover a […]

Swimming Pool “Waterfall”, VarshetsCod 2187

One of the landmarks in the end of town is called area – “Waterfall”. There are complex with swimming pool and bungalows, where you can stay.

The Stadium „Ogosta“, MontanaCod 2186

The stadium “August” is the stadium of FC “Montana” and serves the needs of the city and the team. The capacity of this facility is of 8,000 seats. There is a jogging track, which is used in special tournaments for children. Stadium reconstruction was done in 1995 – its capacity was increased by 2,000 seats, […]

Protected Area “Kopren – Ravno Buche – Deyanitsa-Kalimanitsa”Cod 2185

Kopren protected area – Ravno buche – Deyanitsa – Kalimanitsa – is a protected area in Bulgaria. It is located between the town of Chiprovci and the village of Kopilovtsi and unites four locations of the share Kopilovski of the Western Balkans. The interesting landscape is represented by the old deciduous and coniferous forests, colored […]