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Medieval Church St. Nicholas, Dolna VerenitsaCod 2174

Medieval church “St. Nicholas” is located at the southern end of Dolna Verenitsa. There is no exact information about the time of construction of the temple, but approximately dates back to the XVI century. In order to get its current form, the building has undergone several construction stages. The original building dating to the probable […]

Cathedral Church “The Assumption”, LomCod 2173

The cathedral “Uspenie Bogorodichno” is the biggest in the town. The cathedral church “Uspenie Bogorodichno” is architectural monument of culture since 1974. Its construction is made by the famous builder Georgi Novakov – Djonkar by the village of Tresonche, Macedonia. The iconostasis was made in the begging of the XX century. Its style was influenced […]

„Holy Spirit“ Church, MontanaCod 2172

With the construction of the dome completed the rough construction of the new church in the regional town. Construction of the church began in 2007, as for the period there was built the foundations and the crypt. In the following years were raised the walls – basement, ground floor, porch, the bell tower too. The […]

„The Birth of Virgin Mary“ Orthodox Church, BerkovitzaCod 2171

The parish church Berkovitsa, was built in 1845. The building has a polygonal and very wide apse. The columns are made of massive stone. The balcony develops over the outside narthex, and on the north and on the south has long galleries. To the north the galleries of the church are being upgraded. The iconostasis […]

The “St. Trinity” Monastery, DobridolskiCod 2170

The monastery “St. Trinity” in Dobridolski is located approximately 3 kilometers south of Dobridolski village, at 22 km southwest of the town of Lom and 35 km southeast of the town of Vidin.The monastery is situated in a picturesque area with lush and varied vegetation and inhabited by a rich fauna. Monasteries forest areas have […]

The “St. Archangel Michael” Monastery, BrusarskiCod 2169

Brusarski “St. Archangel Michael” is situated in the vicinity of the town of Brusartsi, on a hill on the right bank of the river Nechinska bar river, which is a tributary of the River Lom. It is located 36 kilometers northwest of the town of Montana and 23 km southeast of the town of Lom. […]

“Trinity” Monastery, RasovoCod 2168

Rasovskiyat monastery ‘Trinity’ is located in the village Rasovo 30 km north of Montana. It is not known when the monastery was founded, but in the XIX century. Was restored village church “St. George”. In this place of today’s church was old, that in the middle of the XIX century. Was quite dilapidated. Then at […]

The Medieval Church “Holy Ascension”, ChiprovtsiCod 2167

The medieval church “Holy Ascension” is located on a hill above the center of Chiprivtsi between Chiprovtsi and Martinovski river. There is evidence that this hill was once fortified place and there were walls of monastery. In the some places, north of the church was built between XIII-XV century and the Catholic church “Santa Maria”, […]

“St. Nicholas the Wonderworker” Church, BarziaCod 2166

Church “St. Nikolay”, known as the “Latin Church” is located at a low height, in the center of the village Barzia. One can climbe to it from the square in front of the municpality. According to locals, the church was built in the sixteenth century. In the nineteenth century, because of population growth, the church […]

The Medieval Church „St. Petka“, DraganitsaCod 2165

The Medieval Church “St. Petka” is located in the highest part of the village Draganitsa to rural cemeteries. It is not known when it was built, but not exactly according to verified information, it was “around 1660”. It is known that in this church in 1870 Vasil Levski held a meeting. It seems that over […]