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Gorna Koriya Reserve, BerkovitsaCod 2134

This was declared a reserve with total area of 161 hectares of forest. Here there was a timber industry until March 28, 1968 when it was declared a reserve in order to preserve the spruce fir forests of Stara Planina, and the only population of capercaillie in northern Bulgaria. The reserve also has a water […]

The Isle Tsibar, Reserve Ibisha, Down TsibarCod 2133

Tsibar Isle is a protected area in Bulgaria, with an area of 101.48 hectares. It includes an unoccupied territory because the reserve is located on the island Tsibar of the Danube, in the village of Dolni Țibăr. The protected area was declared on 10 April 2007 in order to protect the habitat for nesting, wintering […]

Wine Cellar Lopoushna, Georgi DamyanovoCod 2132

Lopushna wine cellar is located in the enchanting and beautiful scenery of the picturesque village George Damyanovo, located in western Stara Planina. This mountain has an ancient history full of vicissitudes. As a territory with unique nature, offers very good conditions for organic wine production. The high natural value of the region significantly boosts its […]

Romantic Boulevard with Sycamore Trees, VarshetsCod 2131

The Romantic Boulevard with Sycamore trees is a pedestrian zone, about 2 km long. The trees are old almost, 100ani with large crowns, in the shape of green tunnel, in downtown of Vârşeţ, near the neighborhood Zanozhene. Since the beginning of last century, it was, in a traditional way a place for walks. On both […]

Todoroni Kukli (Todorini Dolls) Peak, VarshetsCod 2130

Teddy dolls are a group of four rocky peaks of the Western Balkan Mountains, of which the largest has a height of 1785 m. It is located 10 km southwest of Vrsac and 6 km northeast of Petrohan Pass. The tops form a short hill, a main branch of Stara Planina Ridge, in north-south. The […]

“Haidushki Waterfalls” Area, BerkovitsaCod 2129

The waterfall is a water cascade with two levels along the river Orloshtitsa, a wonderful place for recreation. Located at 5 km south of Varshetz. The area is covered with beautiful hardwood forests. The area is suitable for picnics and there can be reached by public transport, bicycle or on foot. The road is easy […]

The “Bright Garden” Park, VarshetsCod 2128

The park “Bright Garden” was built in 1922 and in 1930 was electrified. The name of the garden comes from its alleys constructed under the special form of sun rays. During the years of the Second World War was a place for rich Bulgarians and foreign guests who came mainly on the Danube to meet […]

Wood of Life, VarshetsCod 2127

“Tree of Life” is located in the center of Vrsac. Wooden sculpture, located in the center of Vrsac was made in memory of the writer Radichkov. “Tree of Life” shows the character and sensuality of his creative work.

Varshets Park, VarshetsCod 2126

The city park is one of the greatest treasures of Varshetz kept over the years. Created at the beginning of last century (1911-1912 years), with the voluntary work of the local population, under the guidance of a the first balneologist doctor Dr. Marin. It is mostly forested with pine trees and plant species of the […]

Chiprovtsi Waterfall, ChiprovtsiCod 2125

It is situated in the town bearing the same name and it is 18 m high. It is and environmentally protected area which draws of tourist, either Bulgarian people or foreigners, keen on admiring spectacular natural monuments. It can be reached by eco path “Damyanitca”, which starts from a break down asphalt road in the […]