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Stone Fortress Botunya, MontanaCod 2114

The ancient and medieval fortress “Gradishte” is located 0.85 km west in a straight line from the center of the village on the rocky plateau Botunya. The fortress has the shape of an irregular polygon. Southern and eastern slopes are rocky and steep and on the south, underneath the castle is, also the river Botunya. […]

Art Gallery, VarshetsCod 2113

The gallery has 664 paintings and 27 sculptures in wood, clay and gypsum. The fund gaining ground by making art exhibition during the traditional feast of Vrsac. Are presented exhibits of Bulgarian and foreign artists, including artists from Germany, Vietnam and others.

Museum Exhibition, VarshetsCod 2112

Vrsac is located at the foothills of the Western Balkans, 90 km from Sofia, 35 km north of Montana and 130 km south of Vidin. Vrsac is the oldest spa resort in Bulgaria. The city emerged around a mineral spring, the oldest preserved written evidence of its existence dating from the late sixth century AD, […]

Mihailov House, MontanaCod 2111

Mihailov house-museum was opened in 1955 as a house museum “Hristo Mihailov” and is the oldest preserved architectural monument in the town of Montana .. It is located next to the Orthodox Church “St. Cyril and Methodius” and next to the archaeological exhibition Lapidary. Mikhailov House is the only Renaissance house restored and preserved in […]

The Fountain “Malinarka”, BerkovitsaCod 2110

In the center of Berkovitz you can take water from the Malinarka fountain.The fountain was built in 1967, made from Berkovitsa pink marble, in honor of the Malinarka girls that Ivan Vazov sang about in the poem “Raspberry”. The inhabitants of Berkovitz insist that the fountain was dedicated to Malinarka there and only there. From […]

Ancient and Medieval Fortress “Kaleto”, BerkovitsaCod 2109

Тракийска, антична, късноантична, средновековна и османска крепост Калето е паметник на културата с историческо значение. Архитектурните разкопки започват през 1961 г. Разкрити са външна и вътрешна крепостна стена от късната античност, с отделни помещения между тях. Във външната крепостна стена са включени и две базилики. В югоизточния склон са разкрити археологически материали от тракийско селище. […]

Art Gallery “Kiril Petrov”, MontanaCod 2108

Art Gallery “Kiril Petrov” has started its work with a small exhibition in 1971. The collection was gathered in decades to preserve and promote the works of the generation of artists from the mid nineteenth century to the present. Among the works there are, also the paintings of Nikolai Pavlovich, Ivan Markvichka, George Danchov Jaroslaw […]

Turkish Bath, BerkovitsaCod 2107

This is an old kapalnya, not far from the city center and is neither turcescă, and neither bathroom. 40 years ago it was operational. The bath is similar to turkish architecture but has Roman roots. It is an architectural monument. It was built in 1665 on one part of the foundations of the Roman walls. […]

Art Gallery, BerkovitsaCod 2106

Near the Cathedral “St Nicholas” is the old building of the city’s school “Vasil Levski”, from 1870 – today the City Art Gallery. After the reconstruction of school building, on 3/15/1980 was opened a new exhibition of the Art Gallery. Its first exhibition was opened on 02/09/1969. The funds and the exposure of the gallery […]

The House „Krasteva”, BerkovitsaCod 2105

Krastev House is an architectural monument. It was built in the mid-nineteenth century, with typical Renaissance architecture, with a balcony on the second floor, sofa type. On the southern side is a porch. In 1986, it was completely rebuilt, while preserving the architectural style.