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The Petko Slaveykov House-Museum, Veliko TarnovoCod 2480

House of birth of Petko Slaveykov in Veliko Tirnovo was restored in 1971. It is one of the objectives of the Regional Museum of History. In front of her was put the monument of the sculptor Blagoy Iliev. Casual visitors are not allowed in house. It is necessary to write a request in advance from […]

Asenevtsi Monument, Veliko TarnovoCod 2479

The Asenevtsi Monument was built in 1985 in Veliko Tirnovo City and we celebrate 800 years since the uprising of brothers Asen and Peter. Asenevtsi (the Asen’s) are the three brothers, who ruled Bulgaria after its Liberation from Byzantine rule. The firts two of them – Asen and Peter, have freed Bulgaria from Byzantine domination, […]

Stambolov Bridge, Veliko TarnovoCod 2478

Stambolov d Bridge in Veliko Tirnovo connects the actual central part of the city with the Mount Athos. The Mountain offers wonderful views of the old city of Veliko Tirnovo. Construction of the facility began in 1892, while its hight measures 37 meters. The bridge was built to shorten the road between the city, the […]

Mother Bulgaria Monument, Veliko TarnovoCod 2477

Mother Bulgaria Monument lies in the city center of Veliko Tarnovo. It was built in memory of 21 officers, 24 petty officers and 62 soldiers died in the Russo-Turkish War in 1877-1878, Serbo-Bulgarian War in 1885, Balkan wars in 1912-1913 an the First World War in 1914-1918. The funds for its construction were collected from […]

Mara’s Field Park, Veliko TarnovoCod 2476

Mara’s Field Park is located in the Veliko Tarnovo City. It is a favorite place for walking and a place of recreation for locals and tourists. A variety of species of plants and fountains contributes to its beauty. There are several restaurants and caffees in the park. In the past there was a medieval village, […]

(Preobrazhenski) Transfiguration Monastery, Veliko TarnovoCod 2475

The Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration of God is located on the banks of the Yantra River, just 6 km from Veliko Tarnovo city. It is the fourth largest monastery in Bulgaria. It was founded in the Second Bulgarian Empire in the 13-14 century. Originally, the monastery belonged to Vatopedi Monastery located on Athos Mount, […]