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The “Hill” Fortress, DebeletsCod 2490

Hill Fortress’ walls are located about 1.5 km north-west on the road to the center of Debelets, Cholakovtsi district of Veliko Tirnovo. The ascent “Hill” is located on the right hand of the road, above 100 meters after leaving the town of Debelets. The Castle was used as tower surveillance and guard tower for the […]

Archaeological Museum, Veliko TarnovoCod 2489

The Archaeological Museum of Veliko Tirnovo is there to show us the the millenary history and culture of the region Veliko Tirnovo. The Museum owns exhibits from ancient times to the late Middle Ages. There you may see pottery, tools and weapons found in Thracian settlements dating from the years 5800 before Chr. The most […]

Museum of the Bulgarian Revival and Constituent Assembly, Veliko TarnovoCod 2488

Museum of the “Revival and Constituent Assembly” is located in the north side of the “Unirii” Square in Veliko Tirnovo, in the old building of the Turkish mansion (police station in the Ottoman Empire). The building is cruciform, with arch-shaped entrance in the north. It was built by Kolyo Ficheto (one of the most famous […]

Kartala Waterfall, Veliko TarnovoCod 2487

Kartala Waterfall can be seen if you are walking along the road between Veliko Tirnovo and Transfiguration Monastery to Kartala Peak. The waterfall is about 8-10 m. Its location is easy to find – from Veliko Tirnovo city go to the north through the neighbohood or to the northwest through the Varusha neighborhood. Sidewalks along […]

Sarafkata House, Veliko TarnovoCod 2486

Sarafkata house dates back to 1861. The original idea was that it would be a beautiful building to serve as a residence and place of work, but before being completed, its owner, trader Dimo Sarafina, died, and it was inherited by his wife Anastasia Sarafkata. So the landlady name became the name of the house […]

Samovodene Bazar, Veliko TarnovoCod 2485

Samovodene Bazar is located in Veliko Tirnovo and it is an architectural , museum and historical site. It was found in the years of ’60s and ’70s of XIXth century, originally composed of two streets with shops, craft shops and inns. there are several equipped workshops and which are active – weapons, sculptures, pottery, weaving […]

The Saint Nicholas Church, Veliko TarnovoCod 2484

St. Nicholas Church is located in the town of Veliko Tirnovo, in the eastern neighborhood “Varusha” and was the center of enlightenment, where training was done in the Bulgarian language. The church dates from 1836 and Renaissance period. Concerning the legitimate practice, this temple was built on the basis of governmental decree received and at […]

The Hadji Nikoli Inn, Veliko TarnovoCod 2483

The Hadji Nikoli Inn is a buiding with an architectonical and historical value, which are among the main attractions of the Veliko Tirnovo city. It has been built in 1858 – 1862, by Kolyo Ficheto, inside the old Samovodska Bazar, on a steep slope to south. The Hadji Nikoli Inn is a valuable example of […]

The House with the Monkey, Veliko TarnovoCod 2482

The house with the monkey is a Renaissance house – museum. It has this name, because above the front door stays a sculpture of a monkey. The House has been turned into a museum and considered a cultural monument and a symbol of the city Veliko Tirnovo. It is located between the Old Market Halls […]

Art Gallery Boris Denev, Veliko TarnovoCod 2481

The Art Gellery Boris Denev was opened in 1934 in the Veliko Tirnovo City. It is one of the oldiest and richest galleries in Bularia. It was created in order to collect and store the works of Bulgarian artists and to follow the development of Bulgarian art over the years. The construction has a memorable […]