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Patriarchal Monastery of the Holy Trinity, SamovodeneCod 2520

Patriarchal Monastery of the Holy Trinity is located along the river Yantra, 6 km from Veliko Tarnovo. There were several versions of the monastery over the centuries. Officially, it is known that in 1847 Kolyo Ficheto built the monastery’s church and the icon painter Zahari painted it. In 1913, due to strong earthquake,the monastery in […]

The Dark Arch Dam, DebeletsCod 2519

The Dark Arch Dam is located in Veliko Tarnovo 2.5 km south of the city of Debelets. This place can be reached through a paved road to Draynovo, rom which, it turns south along a road black. The Dam has a length of 400 m and a width of 200 m. Parking is available. The […]

The Monk’s Hole (Cave), ArbanasiCod 2518

The easiest way to reach Monk’s Hole cave is a trail from the western end of the village of Arbanassi – approximately 600 m to the Great Fountain ”Little Lako”. Then the road goes up the ravine and then another hundred meters through the bushes to reach the small pond in front of the cave. […]

Ksilifor (Locality), Veliko TarnovoCod 2517

Ksilifor area comprises an area for leisure and tourism. It is located 4 km east of Veliko Tarnovo. There is a small artificial lake, sports field and playground, shelter, cottage, hiking trails. There is a large orchard, an inn and the possibiity to stay over night in a in a tent, many areas of recreation, […]

Tourism and Sporting Activities Museum, Veliko TarnovoCod 2516

Tourism and sporting activities Museum was opeend on 25 of September 2009. It is located in the Touristic complex Fortăreața Momina, near the Veliko Tarnovo. The Museum contains exhibits of the history of 107 years of one of the first tourism association in the country. Hosted in 2 rooms it includes 36 panels and 17 […]

Church of “St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel “, ArbanasiCod 2515

The Church of St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel is located in the southern part of the Arbanasi Village. The oldest part of the church was built in the XVIIth century. The recent archeological studies show that it was built on the foundation of an older church dating from the thirteenth and fourteenth. There are evidence […]

St. Athanasius Church, ArbanasiCod 2514

The St. Athanasius Church is located in Arbanasi, Veliko Tarnovo municipality. It is dated as a church from Reinaissance period. The Church is a stone building. The iconography of the church is simple and easily perceived. In the churchyard lies the Chapel St. Haralambos. The Church is one of the symbols of Arbanasi Village. It […]

The Konstantsaliev (Arbanasi) House-Museum, ArbanasiCod 2513

The Konstantsaliev House is one of the most remarkable and representative monuments of residential architecture in the village of Arbanassi. The building dates back in the late XVIIth century. In the following centuries, the building has undergone several restorations, which led to the form in which we now see it. The House was owned by […]

”Little Lako” Fountain, ArbanasiCod 2512

The ”Little Lako” Fountain is located about 500 m south from the Arbanasi center of the village and about 1.6 km north from Ksilifor area, above the city of Veliko Tarnovo. The easiest way to reach the fountain is a a route marked down from the west end of the Arbanasi village – about 500 […]

Church “Nativity of Christ”, ArbanasiCod 2511

The “Nativity” Church is located in the south-west of the Arbanasi village. A massive stone structure built with dimensions of 28.80 x 10.40 m sheltered under broad slopes of the tile roof with three slopes. The apse stands up to half the eastern façade and has an independent coverage. According to the plan, the church […]