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Monastery of Prisovo ”Sf. Panteleimon”, PrisovoCod 2510

Prisovo Monastery of “St. Panteleimon “in the village Prisovo, is 5 km from Veliko Tirnovo. Today, the monastery hosts monks and it is used as a shelter for mental ill people. In the monastery’s courtyeard it stands the bell tower and the church. At the entry into the monastery there is a plate full of […]

Old Waterfall Spring, Veliko TarnovoCod 2509

Old Waterfall spring is located near Veliko Tirnovo, on the edge Stara Planina mountains. It is accessible by a paved road. According to locals, once the water flowed a little more and fall in the form of beautiful waterfalls. Subsequently there has been a movement of the layers of the earth and the source was […]

Listen Rooster Rock (Chuypetel), Gorna OryahovitsaCod 2508

Chuypetel is located closed to Gorna Oryahovitsa, in Veliko Tirnovo. It is an interesting rock, located in Dervent gorge of the Yantra River, between Veliko Tirnovo and Samovodene village. The objective reveals wonderful views over the gorge and across the top Kartala, opposite, and to the Holy Transfiguration Monastery. In spring and in the summer […]

Crow Hill Settlement (Garga), Veliko TarnovoCod 2507

The Crow Hill Settlement is located closed to the hill of Trapezița, Veliko Tirnovo. Sometime on west of the hill was a slaughterhouse, and above it were flocks of crows, from which the name derives. In southwest was a Turkish fortress from 19th century. From there a beautiful view reveals – one can see the […]

The Frontal Rock, Tsarevets, Veliko TarnovoCod 2506

The Frontal Rock is located on Tsarevets Hill in Veliko Tarnovo and is the northern peak of the hill of the same name. It is very prominent in front , like a nose, and below it forms a deep ravine. The Fronta Rock is considered to be a place where public executions took place. It […]

The Baldwin Tower, Veliko TarnovoCod 2505

The Baldwin tower is located in the Architectural Museum Tsarevets, in the city of Veliko Tirnovo. The name of Baldwin Tower is associated with the legend, according to which, here was imprisoned and then he found his death the latin Emperor Baldwin (Baudouin) of Flandra, captured by the Bulgarian tsar Kaloyan after the battle of […]

Tsarevets Fortress, Veliko TarnovoCod 2504

The Tsarevets Fortress is an museum-architectural reservation, located on a hill with the same name, close to the old city of Veliko Tirnovo. The complex means now, all preserved ruins of the great Bulgarian capital in Tirnovo. Today, you can see the castle’s walls and the gate of the medieval fortress, a part of the […]

Symbolic Church of St. Demetrius of Solun, Veliko TarnovoCod 2503

The symbolic Church of Sf. Dimitrie of Solun is located in the Asan neighborhood in Veliko Tirnovo. The place of worship has more than 800 years of history and is classified as medieval. It became the center of the Bulgarian uprising against Byzantium. Since its establishment until today the church was destroyed and looted several […]

The Bishop’s Bridge, Veliko TarnovoCod 2502

The Bishop’s Bridge was built in the seventeenth century, in Veliko Tirnovo. The bridge has stone foundations and a structure with timber see at the top. Its name came from the fact that it is close to theTirnovo Diocese. The Bishop’s Bridge was the only one from Asen neighbothood and on it was crossing the […]

Mount Athos (Hill), Veliko TarnovoCod 2501

Hill Mount Athos is located in Veliko Tirnovo and was a cultural and educational center of the old capital, but also throughout southeastern Europe. Today here is the University from Veliko Tirnovo. Among the vegetation stand out special routes, banks and the playground, and sometimes events are organized and motorcycles events. The hill is called […]