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The Sokal Museum, Veliko TarnovoCod 2500

Sokal is a private ethnographic museum, located in the home of famous family Kiselovi Tirnovo. Their name derives from the headwear of the bride, which she wore up to one year from the wedding, typical for this region. Museum has presented exhibitions related to culture and history of both Bulgarian and foreign nations. There is […]

The Museum of History, Veliko TarnovoCod 2499

Regional Museum of History – Veliko Tirnovo is one of the largest museums in Bulgaria. Its subsidiaries are located in the city of Veliko Tirnovo in villages Arbanasi, Nikyup, Greek Quarter and near the town of Kilifarevo. The museum contains the following objectives and exhibitions which introduces various historical eras- Roman and early Byzantine times, […]

Museum of Modern and Contemporary History, Veliko TarnovoCod 2498

Museum of Modern and Contemporary History of Veliko Tirnovo is located near Museum of Prison. The exhibition is part of the Regional History Museum. One room in the museum houses the temporary exhibition “Veliko Tarnovo and the Bulgarian State” and the other room houses the exhibition “Bulgarian fighters for national unification.” The main idea of […]

Museum of Prison, Veliko TarnovoCod 2497

The building, housing the museum, was built in the mid 19th century, being built only of stone. Prison works as intended until 1954. Inside, it is housed a panel with photos of some of the famous people who have been there: Vasil Levski, Todor Kableshkov and others. The structure is made of stone and has […]

Church of Saint Spas, Veliko TarnovoCod 2496

Church of Saint Spas is located on the edge of Balkan Mountains, in the city of Veliko Tirnovo, the construction has started in 1859 and has ended three years later, making their origin a part of Renaissance. The upper part of the church was destroyed in the earthquake of 1913. In 1859, Usta Kolyo Ficheto […]

The Emilian Stanev’s Museum House, Veliko TarnovoCod 2495

The Emilian Stanev’s House Museum is located in the town of Veliko Tirnovo. The Museum has been built for 6 years and was opened on 5 of May 1987 to celebrate the 80 years of Bulgarian writer. The museum is different from the typical model of a museum. Music welcomes you in the doorsteps, on […]

“The Virgin Mary” Arbanasi Monastery, ArbanasiCod 2494

“The Virgin Mary” – Arbanasi Monastery was founded during the second Bulgarian Empire. Evtimii helped during the turbulent years when Bulgaria was divided by Shishman to its construction, judging by plates with inscriptions found, both here and in the Patriarchal “Holy Trinity” Monastery. After the fall of the Bulgarian capital Veliko Tirnovo in 1393, the […]

Trapezitsa (Fortress), Veliko TarnovoCod 2493

The Trapezitsa Fortress is located on the top of the beautiful hill Trapezitsa, nearby Veliko Tirnovo. It is the second tower of the medieval Bulgarian capital Tirnovo (Veliko Tirnovo). Located on the right side of the Yantra river, northwest of Tsarevets. A fortress naturally surrounded on its three sides by the river. Once, on high […]

Tsarevgrad Tarnov (Museum of Wax Figurines), Veliko TarnovoCod 2492

Unique for Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula tourist attraction, which opened its doors in Veliko Tirnovo on February 16, 2013. The “Tsarevgrad Tărnov” multimedia visitor center, also known as “museum of wax figurines”, is located on hill in the heart of the old city nearby Tsarevets. In the museum, sculptures and paintings depict the historical […]

The Temple Cathedral of Holy Birth of Mother Virgin, Veliko TarnovoCod 2491

The Temple Cathedral of the Holy Birth of Mother Virgin is located in Boliarska neighborhood in Veliko Tirnovo. It was built on the old church of Mother Virgin Birth, the work of Nikola Ficheto during the years 1842-1844. It is built of carved sandstone, and the main and big eaves, double yoke of stone and […]