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Colelia Church, ColeliaCod 1076

There are places forgotten by the world, are like a temporal rift long last,  where time does not know where to go, forward or backward. One of the best examples of what the creative power of man means: in a true wilderness in Dobrogea, the Church from Colelia received the blessing of His Eminence Theodosius, […]

Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church, CogealacCod 1075

Cogealac is the residence village of the comune with the same name in the county of Constanta, Dobrogea, Romania. It is situated in the north-east of the Plateau Casimcei. Located at a distance of 45 km from Constanta. It is known from 1890 – 1905 under the name of Hogeainlik (Turkish Great Post Office), being […]

King Carol the Ist Bridge, CernavodaCod 1074

King Carol the Ist Bridge (later renamed Anghel Saligny Bridge, to honor Anghel Saligny, the  designer and contractor of the bridge) was built between  1890 and 1895 to ensure the rail link between Bucharest and Constanta. The first section of the rail to the Black Sea beach was between Cernavoda and Constanta, conducted in 1860, before Dobrogea being ceded to Romania. […]

Axiopolis Museum from CernavodaCod 1073

The Museum was inaugurated on 3rd of June 2006. The general profile of the museum is archeological one, the main profile is the prehistoric archeology, Daco-Roman archeology, history. The building has served over time as the fire center, as the home of the Pioneers. Restored and saved from demolition,  the building  exhibits in its 5 […]

Heroes Monument, CernavodaCod 1072

In honor of Cernavoda heroes who fell on the battlefield was  built since 1924 in Central Park of the city, a monument that watches over the entire city. The atatue of heroes or the “eagle in the park” as it is called by locals, has endured harsh weather over time, so that it now enchants […]

Cernavoda Mosque, CernavodaCod 1071

In 1756, Memet Efendi built the city  Mosque in Cernavoda. It is said that the mosque was built  with stone brought from an old brodge over the lake of  Carasu, possible the Roman bridge. The Mosque was built during the short reign of the sultan Osman III, dedicated or may just may urging, as as […]

Church of St. Emperors Constantine and Helen, CernavodaCod 1070

The Church construction was carried out between 1882-1895 in Byzantine style, in the shape of a cross, with a large dome in the middle, of stone, brick and covered with tin. Iconostasis, the pulpit with pews are carved in oak. The church’s painting, in frescoes, is the work of the renowned painter Vermont and is […]

Roman Catholic Church, CernavodăCod 1069

At the end of XIX century, when the construction of the bridge across the Danube has begun, foreign  workers have come, mostly Catholic, including Anghel Saligni himself. Also, there were built cement and screws plants, where foreigners has worked (Italians, Swiss, Germans, Hungarians), of Catholic religion and that, most of them settled in the town […]

Epictetus and Astion Monastery, CapidavaCod 1068

His Eminence Archbishop of Tomis – Theodosius, knowing that Capidava was a bishopric dating from at least the early VI century decided to set up here at Capidava a monastery of nuns with a community life. Thus, the monastery was founded in 2007 and is still growing and developing. Heavenly protectors of the Capidava monastery […]

Capidava FortressCod 1067

Capidava Fortress is located on the right, rocky bank of the Danube halfway between Cernavoda (ancient Axiopolis) and Harsova (ancient Carsium). The fort was built during Emperor Trajan within the measures to strengthen the Roman frontier; the construction is attributed to detachments of the legions XI Claudia and V of Macedonia. Within the fort were […]