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Yovkovtsi Dam, ElenaCod 2550

Built 5 km from the town of Elena, on the river Veselina, the Yovkovtsi Dam is one of the largets and most beautiful lakes in the country. Its total volume is 92.179 million m³ and ensures drinking water for above 250.000 people in Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo regions. Named after one of the villages destroyed […]

Daskalolivnitsa (Historical-Architectural Complex), ElenaCod 2549

Daskalolivnitsa (historical-architectural complex) is located in the city center of Elena, in Stara Planina Mountains. The complex includes seven buildings, monuments from Renaissance period. Three of them are open museum sfor public. School classes from Elena, better known as Daskalolivnitsa, the “Saint Nicholas” Church, “Khanul Kamburov”, Guneva House and Zlatevata House”. The complex is located […]

The Asen Raztsvetnikov House-Museum, DraganovoCod 2548

The House-Museum of the poet Asen Raztsvetnikov is located in the village of Draganovo, 15 km from Gorna Oryahovitsa. The Museum is located in the native house of the poet. The house was restored in 1986 and in the next year, here was opened a museum to mark the 90th anniversary of the birth of […]

The Ethnographic Museum, DitchinCod 2547

The Ethnographic Museum is located in the village Ditchin (north of Veliko Tarnovo) in a separate room in the House of Culture “Zora 1873”. Here are preserved fabrics and hand suits embroidered towels, lace knitted antiques, old items belonging to citizens in Ditchin, artifacts in the area, remains from Gradishte, Rakla, and the wall of […]

The Emen Canyon, EmenCod 2546

Emen canyon is located at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, in an area along the river Negovanka, 20 km from Veliko Tarnovo. Along the canyon we can see rapids, waterfalls, pools and niches surrounded by high cliffs up to 90 m. Emen canyon is a natural tourist site, with spectacular landcapes and stunning natural […]

”From Diskoduratera so Far” Eco-Route, GostilitsaCod 2545

2 km south of the Gostilitsa village, the Yantra river forms a small fertile valley, surrounded on all sides by undulating hills. Here, between the mouths of two small streams on the left side –Uzunovo Ravine and Malkoyalarska Stream, are the ruins of the Roman fortress “Diskoduratera”, a whose name means “Double Power Fortress”. Built […]

Musina Cave, MusinaCod 2544

The Musina Cave is near the village of Musina, Veliko Tarnovo region. It is about 380 meters long and is fully mapped. The cave is the home to a large colony of bats. The access is free, but it is not advisable for untrained people to come inside. It is situated just below the road […]

Wild Cacti, PushevoCod 2543

The Cacti Wild Meadow is located in Dola village, about 500 meters southeast of the center of Pushevo Village. In the meadow, an area of over 1 acre are spread more cacti bushes, unusual for the Balkans. Nobody knows exactly when they occurred. Locals joked, saying that they seem to live in Mexico. And might […]

The Blatsi Dam, NikyupCod 2542

The Blatsi Dam is located to the north of Veliko Tarnovo, in front of the archaeological site of Nikopolis ad Istrum. Next to it is a paved road. The total surface is of 88.748 acres, spread over about 420 meters in lenght and 200 meters in width. The wall height is of 8 meters. It […]

Nikopolis ad Istrum (Ancient City), NikyupCod 2541

Nikopolis ad Istrum is an ancient Roman town, located 18 km north of Veliko Tarnovo on the road to Ruse and 3 km southeast of Nikyup. Its ruins are available for visits from early spring until late autumn. The old deserted town is located on the left bank of the river Rosica, immediately after the […]