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Clock Tower, ElenaCod 2580

The clock tower in Elena city is a remarkable and original cultural monument of national importance. Its location was specially chosen to be seen and heard from any part of the city. The Clock Tower, the dome of the “The Assumption” Church and the bell tower dominate through their verticality the social and religious center. […]

Saint Athanasius Church, Gorna OryahovitsaCod 2579

The oldest cathedral in the city is named after Saint Athanasius the Great, Archbishop of Alexandria. Located in the south-east of the city, near the park “Garden City”.It was built in the late fifteenth century. Originally it was constructed in the ground without a bell tower and cupola. The church has one nave and ends […]

Dolna Oriahovitsa Ethnographic Museum, Dolna OriahovitsaCod 2578

Dolna Oriahovitsa’s ethnographic museum is part of the Gorna Oriahovitsa history museum. It is situated on Kozlevi’s family house, monument rehabilitated in 1970. Downstairs you can see the outdoor oven, stove, barn planks and exhibition hall, and at the top – the guest room, loom and room for youth. The hosts Numerous beautiful yard plants […]

History Museum, Gorna OryahovitsaCod 2577

The beginnings of the museum in Gorna Oryahovitsa were in 1962. The structure of the museum includes a “History” department with the following specialization: Archeology, Etnography, Tourism, Founds, Scientific Archive. A library with more that 5000 volumes functions here. The museum has a stand with souvenirs, promotional materials and books. The Histoy Museum – Gorna […]

Popnikolov House, ElenaCod 2576

Popnikolov’s house is one the most distinct houses in Elena. It was built in the first half of the 19th century around the year of 1830. The building has three stores, boards typical to the houses in Elena. n the first years after the liberation the technical service of the town was located here, that […]

The Five Razsukanov’s Houses (Hadzhi Dimitrov’s Houses), ElenaCod 2575

The five Razsukanov’s Houses (Hadzhi Dimitrov’s Houses), located on “Sava Katrafilov”, are monuments of culture of national importance. This is a very interesting ensemble of five houses under one roof. The houses were built from hadzhi Dimitar Razsukanov for his five sons. The houses are located on a street corner on a small land received […]

Kamburov Inn, ElenaCod 2574

The Kamburov Inn was built in the middle of XIX century and named after its owner Stoyan Kambura who had taken part in Dyado Nikola rebellion in 1856, in Hadzhistavreva insurrection (1862) and has been a member of Elena`s rebellion committee. The Inn is a monument of culture with local importance. The architecture of the […]

The Clock Tower, SvishtovCod 2573

The clock tower from Svishtov was built at the entrance on the commercial street by master Bogdan in 1763 for the needs of the working people in Svishtov. An inscription in Arabic on two marble plaques offers details about its building. The tower consists in a main building and a double wood superstructure. In 1890 […]

St. Dimitar Church, SvishtovCod 2572

The church is one of the oldest in the city. According to the Archpriest Stefan Ganchev, it was supposedly built in “Chuka”, the largest shore of the Danube before the Turkish rule, because this neighbourhood grew as a settlement. Renovated and expanded in 1893. In the past, the church was almost completely destroyed. In 2004, […]

Aleko Konstantinov’s Museum House, SvishtovCod 2571

The house was established as a museum in 1926. The writer himself donated it to the local municipality while he was alive for cultural purposes. The museum hosts an interesting exhibition which re-creates, the most important stages of the rich and short social and artistic life of Aleko Konstantinov. On the first floor of the […]