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Popular Art Museum, ConstanțaCod 1146

The idea of ​​ethnography in Dobrudja is relatively recent, dating from 1960, the initiative of its concept being related to the effort of some museums staffs, such as the Village Museum,  Folk Art Bucharest Museum, Brukental Museum Sibiu, animated by the desire of completing the ethnographic map of the country with the single white spot […]

Constanța Museum of Art, ConstanțaCod 1145

Museum of Art from Constanța is a county museum established  based on the collection of paintings and sculptures originated from the Art Gallery of Constanţa City Hall, enriched with works transferred from the National Museum of Art and through purchases and donations made by Marius Bunescu, Ion Jalea, Boris Caragea. Stated as the second institution of […]

Mosque Carol I, ConstanțaCod 1144

The large Mosque from Constanţa, also known as Carol Mosque  is a Muslim place of worship from Constanţa, architectural monument, built between 1910 and 1913. The construction began during 1910 on the initiative of King Carol I, in sign of homage to the Muslim community from Constanţa city. The works were completed during 1913. The […]

Victory’s Monument, ConstanțaCod 1143

Located on Traian street, in the park of Constanţa City Hall Park, Victory’s monument is designed in the style specific to the socialist realism and glorifies the anti-fascist battle of the Romanian people. It was unveiled during the year 1968,  its sculptor being Boris Caragea. Born during January 1906 in Balchik, Boris Caragea passed away […]

Monument of Romanian Sailors, ConstanțaCod 1142

The monument was completed in 2015, 70 years after the end of the World War II in Europe, in order to commemorate the memory of the sailors heroes without tomb, of the Romanian Navy, who had lost their lives and their burial place is in the  sea waters. The building of the monument lasted nearly […]

Heroes Monument, ConstanțaCod 1141

Monument dedicated to the heroes from the War of Independence, located on the esplanade of the House of Culture is elevated on a large mosaic platter (60x60m) with marble boards. The bronze statuary group represents one dorobanţ  (infantry soldier) in attack and an officer with the flag in one hand and with the sword in […]

Monument the Fall of The Pedestal, ConstanțaCod 1140

The statue represents a monument built by the revolutionaries from 1989, is called “The Fall of the pedestal” and refers strictly to the collapse of the communist regime. According to the data available, the statue was designed by the sculptor Dimitri Cusa. The Romanian Revolution from 1989 consisted of a series of protests, street battles […]

She-Wolf Statue, ConstanțaCod 1139

She-wolf statue from Constanţa is a bronze copy of  the ffamous statue from Rome, Lupa Capitolina. The statue represents the she-wolf, about which legend says  it had breastfed Romulus and Remus. Sons of Mars, the god of war, and of the priestess Rhea Silvia, they have been distanced from each other by their uncle Amulius. […]

The Microdelta, ConstanțaCod 1138

Within the Museum of Natural Sciences Complex in Constanţa, beginning with 1985 a Micro-Reservation has entered into the public domain which covers an area of ​​about 6 ha of which 2 ha of water surface and paludous vegetation. This objective has been created to give visitors an idea, a more complex picture of the nature […]

Mihai Eminescu High School, ConstanțaCod 1137

MIHAI EMINESCU Theoretical High School is one of the oldest schools in Dobrogea, and a prestige consolidated over more than eight decades. Founded in 1919 as Secondary School for Girls « Domnița Ileana »/ “Princess Ileana”, it  shortly acquired the reputation of a valuable educational and instructive settlement, a competitor of the High School for boys “Mircea cel […]