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The Archeological Park, ConstanțaCod 1156

The archeological park from Constanța represents a space with rich vegetation in which the spirit of the former citadel Tomis is still alive. The side of park facing the Ferdinand Boulevard is still bordered by the Roman wall of the premise, construction which dates back to the IIIrd century A.D. and which represents two entrance […]

Archdiocese Palace, ConstanțaCod 1155

Tomis Archdiocese Palace situated in Constanţa city was built between the years 1928-1932. Building plans  belong to the architect Ion D. Enescu. Ion D. Enescu (also known as I.D. Enescu, born on 17 February 1884, Curtea de Argeş – deceased on 1973, Bucharest) was a Romanian arhitect, designer of several public buildings from Romania and […]

The Telephone Office, ConstanțaCod 1154

The telephone office was included on the list of historical monuments of the county of Constanța. The building was built in 1937, having a modernist style with art – deco elements. Constanța was founded following the Greek colonization of the basin of the Black Sea (the Greek Pontus Euxeinos) by the Milesian colonists in the […]

Astronomical Observatory, ConstanțaCod 1153

Within the Planetarium is located the dome for astronomical observations – Astronomical Observatory. It has a diameter of 5 meters and includes a Telescope with  Cassegrain mirror. The institution is equipped with other astronomical instruments such as: school lunette (identical with Telementor) amateur lunette and Busch binocular lunette. With the help of these tools, the […]

Natura Dino Park, ConstanțaCod 1152

On an area of ​​6000 square meters are placed about 68 exhibits, starting from the age of dinosaurs, until today animals. A special section in Natura Dino Park is Haţeg island, where are exposed in life-size animals and dinosaurs that lived only in Romania. Natura Dino Park is a theme park that focuses on the […]

Military Museum, ConstanțaCod 1151

Works on the National Military Museum “King Ferdinand I” – Constanţa branch – began in 1980, but the cultural institution was put into operation on 2 May 1985 by General Ilie Ceauşescu, after he visited the Channel Danube-Black Sea. The effective inauguration of the museum from Constanţa took place on 23 August 1987 because Nicolae […]

Navy Museum, ConstanțaCod 1150

By the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 1127 of 29 May 1969 published in the Official Gazette of R.S.R., Year V, no. 63, p. I, of 2 June 1969, the Romanian Navy Museum has been authenticated as a republican institution, museum of first category, unique in the country. Located in the headquarters of […]

Roman Mosaic Edifice Museum, ConstanțaCod 1149

The Roman Mosaic Edifice   is located near the Museum of National History and Archaeology and was discovered in 1959 during some civil works undertaken in the Ovidiu Square. Researches further to discovery certify that the monument was built in the fourth century and gradually spread until around the sixth century, when it stopped functioning. In […]

Museum of Sculpture “Ion Jalea”, ConstanțaCod 1148

MUSEUM OF SCULPTURE “ION JALEA” is located in the historical area of the city. The institution is housed into a beautiful building built during the early twentieth century in Brâncoveanu style. Inside the museum are exposed over 200 beautiful works donated by the great sculptor in 1969 and by his family in 1984, after his death. […]

History Museum, ConstanțaCod 1147

The first concerns for the establishment of a museum in Constanţa date from the first half of the last century, but only after the conquest of independence, the ancient artifacts got the attention of the Romanian Academy and of the mayors. Remus Opreanu, first Romanian prefect from Dobrudja, and the school inspector Ion Bănescu gather […]