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St. John Casian Monastery, TârguşorCod 1206

The monastery was founded in 2003, the endowment reactivating the old monastery floor from the “barriers of the Cassians and of the Caves” in which there lived three saints from Dobrogea: John Casian, Gherman the Roman and Teotim I. The sanctuary is built from white calcareous stone – labor specific to the area. Together with […]

Dionisie and Efrem Cel Nou Church, TârgușorCod 1205

On the lands of Dobrogea, in the year 470, there was born the Pious Dionisie the humble, from Christian parents. He embraces from a young age the monk life, being cut in the monastic churchdom at one of the well-known monasteries from the Eparchy of Tomis. Around the year 496, the Pious Dionisie goes to […]

Ulmetum Citadel, PantelimonCod 1204

The Latin name “Ulmetum” means in Romanian “elm forest”. The ruins of the castrum of Ulmetum have been discovered by Vasile Pârvan, starting with his first campaign of archeological diggings, from 1911, and comprise inscriptions and statues from the era of the Roman decadence. The archeologists from Constanța established the fact that, by the end […]

The Amusement Park from Neptun, NeptunCod 1203

The amusement park from Neptun – Luna Park is an amusement park full of lights and colorful games. There are available trains and carousels for the little ones, but also the installations for the adults (centrifuge, roller – coaster, hammers, etc.). Also, a big wheel offers an amazing panorama over the resort and over the […]

Paradise Land, NeptunCod 1202

Paradise Land is the first brand from the South – Eastern part of Romania who wishes to improve the adventure experience lived in a park of this kind. Situated in the Comorova forest from the Neptun resort, on a surface of two hectares, Paradise Land is the second as measure from the country, after the […]

The Archeological Site of Mangalia, MangaliaCod 1201

The citadel of Callatis has been founded, according to the written historical sources, at the end of the VIth century b.Ch., by the Dorian colonists who came from the Heraclea Pontica, at the command of an oracle, on the place of a Getic settlement name Acervetis or cerbatis. But the archeological sources place the founding […]

The Hydropathical Sanatorium, MangaliaCod 1200

The hydro-thermal resort of national and international interest combines the antique remains from Callatis (sec. VI b. Ch.) with the abundance of the natural therapeutic factors: the sulphur, chlorinated, bicarbonate, sodium meso-thermal mineral waters (25 – 27 degrees); the sea water with a total mineralization of 15,5/l; the therapeutic sewage sludge extracted from lake Techirghiol; […]

The Museum of Archeology from Callatis, MangaliaCod 1199

The Museum of Archeology from Callatis Mangalis is an institution dedicated to exposing and conserving the historical remains of the old citadel Callatis. The museum has been inaugurated in the year 1959, after the modernization works of the history uncovered a wide range of vestiges from the periods: Neolithic, Greek, Roman and Roman – Byzantine. […]

The Papyrus Tomb, MangaliaCod 1198

Being discovered in 1959 by accident following some urban plan works from Mangalia – Romania, the oldest papyrus from Europe stood hidden in a tomb situated outside the Greek citadel Callatis, in an area with necropolis with a few dozens of tombs. The most important tomb from the necropolis, surrounded by a symbolical stone ring, […]

Mangalia Stud Farm, MangaliaCod 1197

The stud farm from Mangalia was not established here by accident, but there were also taken into account the geo-climatic conditions of forming the Arabian breed. The special climatic conditions have allowed the formation of a Mangalia Arabian horse with special qualities. The stud farm from Magalia is the biggest one from the south-eastern part […]