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The City Hall from Medgidia, MedgidiaCod 1226

In 1865, the inhabitants request to the governor of Dobrogea for the new locality to be names Medgidia, as a sign of acknowledgement for their protector, Abdul Medgid. After the independence war (1877 – 1878), Dobrogea came back to his native country, Romania, and the Bourg from Medgidia comes back to life and starts to […]

The Monument of the Serbian Heroes, MedgidiaCod 1225

Throughout the centuries, of all the borderers of Romania, the only ones with whom our country didn’t have any kind of armed conflict were the Serbians. “Three friends – says the popular wisdom – have the Romanians: The Danube, the Black Sea and the Serbians.” Certainly, as with any kinds of neighbors, minor or greater […]

The Abdul Medgid Mosque, MedgidiaCod 1224

The Abdul Medgid mosque (also named The Great Mosque) was built in the period 1859 – 1865 by the Ottoman Government in the city Medgidia. Currently, the mosque is the oldest building in the city and one of the two Islamic places of worship from Medgidia. The Russian – Turkish war (1828 – 1829) which […]

Statue Woman with a Harp, MedgidiaCod 1223

Situated in the Small Market Decebal of the municipality Medgidia, this work of art was finalized in the year 1933 by the famous sculptor from Dobrogea, Ion Jalea (1887 – 1983). The statue represents a woman who sings at a harp, whose cords haven’t been represented, leaving them, in a certain way, to have a […]

The Memorial House of Murad G. Ali, MedgidiaCod 1222

The Memorial House of Murad G. Ali is registered on the list of the historical monuments of the county of Constanța. The building was built in the year 1906. In the year 1262, an army of Turk soldiers got down in the mountain north of Dobrogea. They were commanded by Sari Saltuk Dede, the dervish […]

The Moslem Seminary, MedgidiaCod 1221

The Moslem seminary was founded in Babadag in 1610, by the will donation of the military commander from the area, the general Gazi Ali Pașa, who also financed the construction of the mosque from Babadag, where he is also buried. The seminary continues the activity of the oldest medrese(en) of Dobrogea, situated at Babdag and […]

The Monument of the Heroes from Murfatlar, MurfatlarCod 1220

The Monument of the Heroes Murfatlar was built up in the memory of the ones who fought during the First World War in the period 1916 – 1918. The participation of Romania at the First World War comprises all the measures and the actions of political, diplomatic and military order developed by the Romanian state, […]

The Grape Vine and Wine Museum, MurfatlarCod 1219

Situated in the heart of the Murfatlar vineyard, it was founded in the year 1970, under the patronage of the Museum of National History and Archeology from Constanța. In the museum there are dozens of exhibits of remarkable value, which certify the practicing of wine culture on the Dobrogea territory for over 2000 years. Stopping […]

The Mosque from Murfatlar, MurfatlarCod 1218

The mosque from Murfatlar was built in the year 1981, being part of the Muftiyat of the Moslim Cult from Romania, Constanța. In the year 1262, an army of Turk soldiers got down in the mountain north of Dobrogea. They were commanded by Sari Saltuk Dede, the dervish sent with the mission of spreading the […]

Mihail Kogălniceanu Manor, MurfatlarCod 1217

The Murfatlar domain came into the possession of the Kogălniceanu family in the year 1885, when the great political man and writer, Mihail Kogălniceanu, has acquired the real property from Hagi Me(h)met Aralam bey, member of a prosper agrarian family from the Constanța county. The son of the political man, Vasile M. Kogălniceanu, is the […]