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The Roman Baths, ConstanțaCod 1176

Towards the south end of the cliff, near the bus station “Terminus” were discovered and partially researched during 1964, the remains of  an ancient building, known under the name of “Lentiarion”. Through the nature of the construction material and of the architectural style, it was proved that here had been located the public baths building, […]

Gondola, ConstanțaCod 1175

GONDOLA has been inaugurated on 16 July 2004 and since then has become a symbol of Mamaia resort. Thanks to this modern facility, tourists can enjoy the beautiful sensations provided by a trip over Mamaia resort. A gondola ride lasts eight minutes and covers a length of about 2 kilometers between Hotel Perla and Casino, in […]

National Theatre of Opera and Ballet, ConstanțaCod 1174

During the year 1957 it is established  by government ordinance, the “Dobrudjan Opera,” one of the noblest art institutions, which has been named for the beginning  the “Musical Theatre”. The curtain of the new “Musical Theatre” was raised for the first time on 24 March 1958 with the performance “The bat” by J.Strauss. Since then, […]

Elpis Theatre, ConstanțaCod 1173

The building of “Elpis” Theatre was opened on 20 December 1898. The building was built following the project of  the French architect L. Piver. The contractor I.Vlahopoulos was of Greek origin. It is the single festivities hall from Constanţa city, the most beautiful, with parquet floor, with large mirrors, covering the sidewalls with balconies in […]

State Theatre, ConstanțaCod 1172

In January 1951 there was founded the State Theater of Constanţa, bearing at the same time the  name of Drama and Comedy Theatre, Drama Theatre, building upon a tradition supported by amateurs or semi-professionals for three quarters of a century, not missing initiatives led by great men of theater such as V.I. Popa- who founded […]

The Youth Statue, ConstanțaCod 1171

The Youth Statue is one of the historical monuments from the county of Constanța. This has been executed by the sculptor Boris Carages in the year 1962. Boris Caragea (born on the 11th/24th of January 1906, Balcic, Bulgaria – deceased on the 8th of August 1982, Bucharest) was a Romanian sculptor, correspondent member of the […]

The Statue of Ovidiu, ConstanțaCod 1170

It was designed during 1887 by the Italian sculptor Ettore Ferrari. An identical replica exists since 1925 in Sulmona (Italy). It is located in the old part of the city, in Ovidiu Square, in front of the first building of Constanţa City Hall, today the National Museum of History and Archaeology, near Tomis port. The […]

Statue of Mihai Eminescu, ConstanțaCod 1169

The bust of Mihai Eminescu from Constanţa, cast in bronze, located near the Genoese Lighthouse, on a pedestal of travertine, with the height of 3 m, was achieved during 1930 by the sculptor Oscar Han and unveiled in August 1934 on the casino cliff,  near the sea. On the bust pedestal, is looming the statuary […]

The Faunus and Nymph Statue, ConstanțaCod 1168

The Faunus and Nymph Statue is one of the historical monuments of the county of Constanța. This has been executed by the sculptor Constantin Baraschi in the year 1963. Constantin Baraschi (born on the 17th of November 1902, Câmpulung – deceased on the 22nd of March 1966, Bucharest) was a Romanian sculptor, correspondent member of […]

Girl at the Seaside Statue, ConstanțaCod 1167

The Girl at the seaside statue is one the historical monuments of the county of Constanța. This has been executed by the sculptor Cornel Medrea in the year 1691. Corneliu Virgiliu Medrea (born on the 8th of March 1888, Miercurea Sibiului – deceased on the 25th of July 1964, Bucharest) was a Romanian sculptor and […]