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The Bliss Statue, ConstanțaCod 1166

The Bliss Statue is one of the historical monuments of the county Constanța. It was executed in the year 1962 by the sculptor Constantin Baraschi. The “Bliss” statue, situated in the museum, was executed of marble, and a version mould in bronze is situated in the Mamaia resort. Constantin Baraschi (born on the 17th of […]

Carmen Sylva Statue, ConstanțaCod 1165

The statuary group representing the first Queen of Romania, Elisabeth, poetess-queen Carmen Sylva with a nymph seated at her feet is made by the Dobrudjan sculptor Ion Jalea (1887-1983) and was unveiled on 15 August 1937, during the ceremonies held on the Navy Day. The inaugural event was attended by King Carol II (1893-1953), the […]

Disc Thrower Statue, ConstanțaCod 1164

The statue was built during 1958 by Boris Caragea and worked in bronze. Boris Caragea (b. 11/24 January 1906, Balchik, Bulgaria – d. 8 August, 1982, Bucharest) was a Romanian sculptor, correspondent member of the Romanian Academy in 1955. In his youth, he was boatman in Balchik. After World War I, between 1924-1925, he took […]

Anghel Saligny Silos, ConstanțaCod 1163

Anghel Saligny Silos built between 1904-1909 and 1912-1915 by engineer Anghel Saligny, are located in berths 17-18 of the Port of Constanţa, have a height of 45 meters and a storage capacity of 30.000 tons each. The silos were designed by Anghel Saligny, following the plans of the architect Petre Antonescu. The initial project provides the erection […]

The Holiday Village, ConstanțaCod 1162

The holiday village is a popular place among the tourists which spend their holidays in the Mamaia resort. Developed in the southern part of the resort, this place is ideal for the people who are on the search of distraction and fun. Initially, the location was conceived as a complex of restaurants which would reunite […]

The City Hall from Constanța, ConstanțaCod 1161

Constanța was founded following the Greek colonization of the basin of the Black Sea (the Greek Pontus Euxeinos) by the Milesian colonists in the centuries VII – V b. Chr., under the name of Tomis. This name is probably derived from the Greek word “tomi” which means cutting, splitting. According to the legend, Iason and […]

The Touristic Harbor Tomis, ConstanțaCod 1160

The harbor was built in 1958 in the former Dolphins’ Bay. The harbor was executed by closing the bay with two moles: the northern one, with the shape of Y, with an initial length of 400 m, was extended in the year 2007 with a portion of 200 m; the Eastern one starts from the […]

Planetarium, ConstanțaCod 1159

PLANETARIUM from Constanța is part of the Natural Science Museum Complex, allows visitors to participate to a journey of initiation into the hidden mysteries of the heavenly vault. As a window opened to the sky, there are presented stars, planets, meteors, galaxies and other celestial bodies that have been watching over the mankind for thousands […]

Tannery Park, ConstanțaCod 1158

Tannery Park covers an area of ​​approx. 100 ha, around the Tannery Lake from Constanţa, being one of the most beautiful parks from Dobrudja and among the largest in the country. Tannery Lake is located north to Constanţa municipality and forms a lake complex together with Siutghiol lake. Tannery Lake occupies an area of ​​approximately […]

Train Station Park, ConstanțaCod 1157

Train Station Park has a green total surface of 45.300 square meters. In the Train Station Park one can find trees (chestnuts, poplars and others) of about 60 years, if is counted that they were planted as seedlings. The park is open non-stop, being a perfect environment for those who want to go out for […]