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The Basarabi Monastery, MurfatlarCod 1216

Basarabi is an archeological site and a rupestral complex extremely important for the history of Christianity from the territory of Romania. The rupestral ensemble from Basarabi shelters the first church and the first sanctums of a monastery, from the territory of Romania. The complex, formed from rooms and galleries, is dug in a chalkstone hill […]

The Railway Station of Murfatlar, MurfatlarCod 1215

It was the first railway line built in the entire Ottoman Empire (Dobrogea being under ottoman occupation in this period). The communication line Constanța Port – Cernavodă Port with a length of 65, 3 km was initiated on the date of the 4th of October 1860 and was built with English resources, following the English […]

The Water Tower, MurfatlarCod 1214

The water tower from Murfatlar is a construction destined especially for redistributing the drinking water to the inhabitants from the city at the beginning of the XIXth century. On the occasion of some works at the chalkstone quarry from the hill Tibișir in the year 1957 there were discovered dug in the cliff, galleries with […]

The Reservation Fântânița Forrest, MurfatlarCod 1213

The reservation Fântânița – Murfatlar has been declared protected area by Law No. 5 of the 6th of March 2000 (regarding the approval of the Land use plan of the national territory Section III – protected areas) and is extended on a surface of 66, 40 hectares. The natural area represents an area with inclined […]

The Rupestral Ensemble Murfatlar, MurfatlarCod 1212

The Rupestral Ensemble is made of rooms and galleries, being carved in a chalky heal situated near the career of chalk extraction from Basarabi. It has been discovered on the 11th of June 1957, following some works of expansion of the areas of chalk exploitation. The B1 church has the entrance carved in the abrupt […]

The Archeological Site Biogas Station, MangaliaCod 1211

The archeological site biogas station of Mangalia was discovered in the period 1992 – 1996, in this area being situated the center of the Roman – Byzantine necropolis. Either it was name Cerbatis or Acervatis, Callatis, Pangalia, Mankalia or Mangalia, the geographical position of this place always placed him in the middle of history. It […]

The Marine Museum, MangaliaCod 1210

THE MARINE MUSEUM from Mangalia was improved in the year 2004 in one of the barrack’s dismantled buildings. The institution is conceived as a museum dedicated to the naval technique and emphasizes on the activity of the port from Mangalia during the years 1952 and 2000. The Marine Museum Mangalia makes available to the visitor […]

The Art Museum, TopaluCod 1209

The Art Museum “Dinu and Sevasta Vintilă” is organized in the commune Topalu, on the basis of the collection donated to the native commune by the Doctor Gheorghe Vintilă, son of Dinu and Sevasta Vintilă. The museum is organized in the 13 rooms of the former accommodation of the donor’s parents, teachers in Topalu. The […]

The Monument of the Heroes, TârgușorCod 1208

The Monument of the heroes from Târgușor was built up in the memory of the ones who fought and who lost their lives in the battles which took place in the period 1916 – 1918. The battle from Turtucaia The Battle from Turtucaia took place between the 1st and the 6th of September 1916. On […]

Dobrogea Gorges, County Road no. 222Cod 1207

The geological reservation Dobrogea Gorgea (The Reservation Jurassic Reefs Cheia) has a total surface of the reservation of 10929 hectares. The chalkstone is part of the first sedimentation cycle (with carbonic deposits, from the Jurassic period) and are of organic origin, deriving especially from the skeletons of the coral reefs which populated the tropical sees  […]