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Esmahan Sultan Mosque, MangaliaCod 1196

The mosque was built in the year 1525 by the daughter of the sultan Selim the IInd (1566 – 1575), who was the wife of Sokollu Mehmed Pașa, her father’s vizier. The mosque is surrounded by a Moslem cemetery, equally valuable because of its antiquity, as well as from the cultural point of view, as […]

Callatis Fortress, MangaliaCod 1195

Callatis fortress was founded, according to the ancient literary sources, at the end of the sixth century BC by Dorian colonists arrived from Pontic Heracleea. The fortress was built upon the order of an oracle on the site of a Getae settlement called Cerbatis or Acervetis. After the foundation of Callatis fortress, we have information […]

Histria Archaeological Complex, IstriaCod 1194

Histria Museum Complex houses some of the most important discoveries from the fortress and its territory. The collection consists of pottery and stone pots,  personal and household objects,  sculptures, architectural pieces, inscriptions. They are distributed on eras (Greek and Roman, Late Roman), aiming their sequence in time. Thus, the downstairs rooms are destined to Archaic, […]

Histria Fortress, IstriaCod 1193

Histria Fortress was founded in the middle of the seventh century BCE (Year 657 BCE as stated by the historian Eusebius) by colonists from Miletus on the bank of Sinoe Lake, “at a distance of 500 stages from Istru sacred mouth” (as stated by Strabo). The city had an uninterrupted development for 1.300 years starting […]

Carsium Museum, HârșovaCod 1192

The museum illustrates with the most representative findings from Hârşova and surroundings, the material and spiritual development of civilization from Danube area since Neolithic era until the early modern era. There are exhibited pieces with significant value, some presented during national or international exhibitions, typical to Neolithic cultures (Hamangia Gumelniţa), to the culture of the […]

Mahmud Mosque, HârșovaCod 1191

Sultan Mahmud Mosque (Sultan Mahmut cami) is the oldest building from Hârşova and one of the most important historical monuments. It was built in 1812 during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II. Defining for this structure is the minaret, which marks its belonging to the Muslim religion and also brings an element of diversity in […]

Carsium Fortress, HârșovaCod 1190

The Roman and Roman-Byzantine fortress Carsium was built, probably, over a Getic fortification, even since the second half of the first century AC. At the beginning of the II nd century p. Chr., during the Dacian wars, in 103 p. Chr., Emperor Trajan has strengthened the fortification with stone walls. The fortress is mentioned frequently […]

St. Constantine and Helen Church, HârșovaCod 1189

The church was consecrated on 8 September 1908, dedicated to “Saint Emperors Constantine and Helen” the name it still bears today by His Grace Bishop of Galaţi. During the war from 1916, the church was desecrated by the Turkish army, being turned into horse stable. It was reconsecrated in 1919, being returned  to the cult […]

Vasile Cotovu Complex, HârșovaCod 1188

Vasile Cotovu Complex consists of two monuments: the former school and housing of the principal. The building was built under strict supervision of the architect Anghel Saligny, its  inauguration being attended by the King Charles I himself, and its rooms have housed the first library and the first regional museum of Dobrudja. The complex Vasile […]

Movila Park, EforieCod 1187

Movila Park is  named after the founder of Eforie resort, Ioan Movilã,  former Moldovan nobleman, descendant of the great noble Moldavian family of Movileşti, who lived during the late nineteenth century. On 20 September 1899, was laid the foundation stone of the future spa resort, from nowadays, Eforie. Ioan Movilã has established the resort Techirghiol […]