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The Henri Coandă Museum, PerişorCod 1403

In the year 2006, in Perisor, was arranged by the city father a village museum. Because of the support given by the Romanian Association for Propaganda and of Aerial Navigation History (ARPIA), the headquarters of Craiova, it was also possible to be placed an airplane IAR 93, in the courtyard of the museum, one of […]

Saint Nicholas Church, MoțățeiCod 1402

The Saint Nicholas Church from Moțăței was built up for the third time by Stoian Stanciu, being started in the year 1914 and it was finished in the year 1925 by his son, Ioniță Stanciu. In the year 1974, with the help of the church goers from the Congregation of the commune Moțăței there was […]

Constantin and Helen Church, MoțățeiCod 1401

The Constantin and Helen Church from Moțăței is a place of worship built in the year 1915, being founded by the aristocrat Corcoveanu. The Orthodox Church celebrates on the 21st of May the Saint Emperors Constantin and his mother, Helen. Constantin the Great was born in the city Naissus (Nis, Serbia) around the year 274. […]

The Museum of the Ancestral Floor, Marotinu de JosCod 1400

The beginnings of the existence of the museum of the “Ancestral Floor” dates back to the beginning years of the XXth century, more precisely in 1912, when the teacher Marin Georgescu exhibited for the first time his personal collection, firstly in the place of the primaru school from the commune Gostavăț (the county of Olt) […]

The Village Museum, MaglavitCod 1399

The museum of the village Maglavit was inaugurated on the date of the 09th of September 2013 and it was realized from the objects donated by the people. It was went from door to door and there were gathered the objects from the inhabitants. Many of them were lost in times, but the ones which […]

The Statue of Petre Lupu, MaglavitCod 1398

Petrache Lupu is connected in all the senses with Maglavit. Who heard of Maglavit definitely heard also of Petrache Lupu, and the ones who heard about Petrache Lupu, most definitely heard also about Maglavit. The story from Maglavit is belived by many people. Very briefly, this is the following: it was the day of Friday, […]

Saint Nicholas Church, MaglavitCod 1397

Saint Nicholas Church from Maglavit is a place of worship built in the year 1845 having the shape of a cross and a bell tower almost entirely from wood. Saint Nicholas is celebrated on the 6th of December. Of Greek origin (Nikolaos), the name is formed from two words: nike, “victory” (from nikao, “to defeat”), […]

The Willow Tree of Petrache Lupu, MaglavitCod 1396

Friday, the 31st of May 1935, the village Maglavit, the county Dolj. While he was on the field with the sheep, a young man at the age of 17 had a mysterious vision. In front of him appeared an old man, dressed in white, who levitated at 20 cm. from the ground, near a willow […]

The Maglavit Monastery, MaglavitCod 1395

After the Revolution from 1989, on the 17th of August 1990, at the wish of the Christians the Mitropoly of Oltenia re-founds the monastery, started in 1936. The pastorate was given to the Archimandrite Policarp Sidor. In the area, there wasn’t in the past a monastic life, but according to the stories of Petrache Lupu […]

Saint Dimitrie Church, LeuCod 1394

Between the places of worship which are historical monuments from the Archiepiscopacy of Craiova there is also numbered the “Saint Forty Martyr Dimitrie” Church from the Parish Leu III, the county of Dolj. It was built up in the second half of the XIXth century by the efforts and the good will of the church […]