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The stone church near the village TabachkaCod 2363

The stone church from the Middle Ages Bulgarian dug into the cliff about 30 m above the river terrace. Located across the street from the bridge at the beginning of the village. The road leads to some stone stairs, then continued almost on rock. The church clearly defines three parts – entrance church and mortuary […]

Asansyora Restaurant, RuseCod 2362

Asansyora restaurant is located in the city center. Here it was built the first elevator in the city. In the apartment you can enjoy good service, a comfortable atmosphere, pleasant music and a good kitchen. The restaurant has 45 seats. Here you can celebrate the special day or you can meet with dear guests. If […]

Fish restaurant Ribarska Sreshta (the “Fishermen’s Meeting” RyahovoCod 2361

The restaurant is in s. Ryakovo with a panoramic terrace on the banks of the Danube River. In front of the restaurant is a shelter for boats, fishing boats where they stand, and facilities for washing nets. Here organizeazăşi water sport competitions in the Danube. On the shore in front of the restaurant was a […]

Lyuben Karavelov Regional Library, RuseCod 2360

Russian Library is one of the earliest founded city libraries in Bulgaria. Changes deep social, political and economic carried out after Liberation in 1878, created the conditions for the city’s cultural renaissance. Among the most enlightened circles of Russian society gradually it emerged requirement of an extensive book and the desire to create a city […]

Regional History Museum, RuseCod 2359

Regional Museum of History in Russian cultural operates counties Russian territory, Razgrad and Silistra. The museum was opened on 1 January 1904 as a museum collection of high school boys. “Knyaz Boris I”. The museum became national in 1949. In 1952 was declared a county museum and in July 2000 became regional. Museum fund account […]

Puppet Theatre, RuseCod 2358

In the distant year 1955 a group of enthusiasts led by artistic director Nikola Krastev păpuşăritului art founded in Ruse. The band was founded at the Cultural Workers in transport. On 26 February 1956 the first meeting of the small crowd of Ruse was the story of the heroes of the play “Little Red Riding […]

Kalimok protected area – BrashlenCod 2357

Brashlen Kalimok-protected area can be characterized as one of the top 10 most representative areas of the country, occupying an area of 6000 hectares. Tutrakan is located within the valley and up the Danube includes the following islands: Mixhka, Malak Brashlen, Golyam Brashlev, Pyasachnik, Bezimenen, Kalimok and Radetski. In the protected area, Florrie is represented […]

Dohodno Zdanie („The House of Profits”), RuseCod 2356

Viennese architect Peter Paul Brang. It was built between 1898-1902 in the central part of Ruse. The name comes from the idea that the building would bear revenue from the school board since then, the rents of some shops, salon theater, library and casino. Nowadays, Dohodno Ždáň is a cultural monument and one of the […]

Tourist company “Prista” RuseCod 2355

Tourist company “Prista” is a non-profit that has developed utie community activities and is part of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. Its membership is absolutely voluntary. It develops and disseminate various forms of tourism, such as mountaineering, water, bike, caving, mountain climber and others, both within the country and beyond. Since its establishment in 1908, its […]

Youth Park, RuseCod 2354

Said Pasha’s garden, garden Vladikov Park Saturday – they are some of the biggest names in Russian park, named in various periods. Finally, everyone knows today as Tinererului Park, independently of zilncă here so young and representatives of older generations of residents of Ruse. Approximately half of the twentieth century the century, in exactly the […]