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The restaurant floating pontoon, RuseCod 2383

The restaurant is located in the town of Ruse and was built on a floating pontoon on the Danube. Customers can sample fresh fish from the Danube, sinking the great river and life atmeosfera bound by it. The menu includes fresh fish and seafood Mediterranean, Black Sea mussels and traditional cuisine. The unit has 70 […]

Terrace Restaurant, RuseCod 2382

Restaurant “terrazo play” is one of the most popular and common units in the city of Ruse. Situated on the beautiful shore of the Danube, it is visited by locals and the city guests. “Terrazo play” offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a unique atmosphere of an elegant ship, with a breathtaking view. […]

StalpishteCod 2381

Stalpishte area is on the banks of the Danube River, takes its name from Stalbove – upright stones, large and small, thrown there by King Marko and his sister. Sometime there was a Bulgarian cultural center and obeservator old, whose memory is preserved in the name Mechka and stone models of Ursa Minor and Ursa […]

The sports company and environmental protection “Academic” – RuseCod 2380

The company sports and environmental protection “Akademik” Ruse was founded in 1961. It was registered as a non-profit association in 1991. Solicitnţii initial registration of the company and its first collective members are hiking club tour “A. Kostadinov “club tour aqua club tour routes” Meridian “, the club ski-tourism ‘Sever’ 66” guidance club sports club […]


Hoard is a treasure trac Borobvo IV century BCE, consisting of silver vessels decorated with mythological scenes and animals protomes with inscriptions in Greek ( “It’s Kotis of Beos”). In 1974, it was also discovered by chance by Traycho Stoev, ranked village (now city) Borovo, Ruse, in the “SIRV Tepe”. When plowing, tractors have unearthed […]

The “Said Pasha” Mosque, RuseCod 2378

Mosque “Said Pasha” in the Russian city was built in 1839 on the site before it, Hadzhi Bakr, and is one of the places of Muslim confession. After repair the main acquired its current appearance in 1975. It is street corner. “Nikolaevska” the street. “Samuil” in Islamic religious school yard built by Said Pasha, as […]

Russian monument of victory, the village MechkulCod 2377

Victory Monument was built at the initiative of the Russian Defense Ministry, the place where they went the greatest battles for eliverearea Rusciuc’s (now Russian). Lupteleau held in November and December, 1877. Great strategic importance in fighting at Mechka is reflected in Dr. Monument in Sofia and Pleven Panorama. Monuments are in places like the […]

The antural park Rusenski LomCod 2376

Natural Park “Rusenski Lom” is located 20 km south of Ruse and the Rusenski Lom river named – the last tributary of the Danube river on the right. It was declared a protected area in 1970 and has a total area of 3408 hectares. The beautiful river terraces, high vertical rocks, caves, rock formations, vast […]

The „Rusciuc“ ShipCod 2375

Residents and tourists of the Russian Oraşu can use the newly opened vessel services “Rusciuc” cruises on the Danube. In recent years, Boat Quay Silistra served tourists under the name “Drastar” Before the Danube fleet of dredging to buy in June 2015 to modernize and put into trade vessels. Tim siliar a ship for cruises […]

Hooligans Brewery, RuseCod 2374

Brewery “Huligans” the model world, in the center of Ruse. This is the latest acquisition in the entertainment industry in the city, which has recently opened its doors for beer connoisseurs of quality and quality labels. Thus, the 60 beers offered “HARD ROCK BEER HOOLIGANS,” which is the full name of the new local, accompanied […]